Pumpkin Week at Hatton

Pumpkin Week 2017 at Hatton Adventure World

We headed over to Hatton Adventure World last Friday to check out their Pumpkin Week event which they were running during the October half term holiday. We were really lucky with the weather, as it was blazing sunshine and fairly mild temperatures all day – so nice in fact that we were out of doors for almost all of the time we were there, which is impressive for a late October day out.… Continue Reading “Pumpkin Week 2017 at Hatton Adventure World”

Great Summer Adventures at Hatton Adventure World

Great Summer Adventures at Hatton Adventure World

We were invited along to Hatton Adventure World to check out their Summer activities and see what was new at one of our favourite local attractions. The girls always enjoy a day at Hatton and this visit was no exception! Our friend Detta came along with me and the kids to explore and have fun.… Continue Reading “Great Summer Adventures at Hatton Adventure World”

Exploring the Enchanted Christmas Kingdom at Hatton Adventure World

At the weekend we visited Hatton Adventure World for their Enchanted Christmas Kingdom event. As well as taking Georgie & Lydia, we took along their friend Liliy to enjoy the fun. It was a great day out, and we were there from the opening at 10am to almost 4pm – there is plenty to see & do to keep kids of all ages amused all day, with a packed festive entertainment programme.… Continue Reading “Exploring the Enchanted Christmas Kingdom at Hatton Adventure World”

Summer Adventures at Hatton

We’ve been to Hatton Adventure World a few times now and the girls always enjoy themselves there without fail. We were invited to spend the day there with the team for Toyz World and spent the morning testing out some BeBop bouncy castles, before being handed wristbands for Hatton to enjoy the sunny afternoon exploring and having fun. The children always love seeing all the animals… Continue Reading “Summer Adventures at Hatton”

Bouncy fun with BeBop Bouncy Castles

Last Saturday we were invited by the Toys World team to spend the morning testing out some bouncy castles from the BeBop range. They brought along their Fortress castle and Spin Combo castle and the girls were eager to get testing. Georgie and Lydia both preferred the Fortress to the Spin – I think Georgie preferred the straight slide and Lydia liked having plenty of… Continue Reading “Bouncy fun with BeBop Bouncy Castles”

Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World

We visited Hatton Adventure World back at Easter and really enjoyed it. When we were invited to go and check out Pumpkin Week, we happily made plans to go along on the first weekend of half term. Unfortunately we’ve all been taking it in turns to be ill since then and blogging has been put on the back burner, so this post is horribly late. … Continue Reading “Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World”

A day out at Hatton Adventure World

Last weekend we headed to Hatton Adventure World for a fun filled day at their adventure farm. We were given £20 in Hatton vouchers to pay for lunch, and free admission, in order to try out the park. We were fairly lucky with the weather, with a short rain shower coinciding with our lunch time, so when we arrived at the park we headed straight… Continue Reading “A day out at Hatton Adventure World”