Review: Pipity Activity Case and Portfolio

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my disclaimer, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Product: Pipity Activity Case and Portfolio

Price: £24.99 for the Activity Case, £7.50 for the Portfolio, £29.99 Combo deal. Activity books are £4.99.

Age Range: 5 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: All you need to colour, create and keep it safe. Arrives chock-full of creative tools: pencils, scissors, ruler, glue, sharpener! Keeps kids absorbed + entertained for hours!

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Pipity Activity Case

Review: Georgie has blossomed into a really creative child and is always drawing, colouring, or cutting & sticking to make colourful crazy creations! The Pipity Activity Case is perfect for her, and will be ideal for keeping her amused on long car journeys, quiet afternoons at home, and pretty much anywhere else.

Pipity Activity Case Review

Developed over several years by Kate, the Pipity range launched last May after being designed at her kitchen table in Devon. Several things inspired Kate to create the range including wanting to balance screen time (an important consideration in a house full of devices like ours), save her handbag from being littered with broken crayons and crumpled creations (I know that feeling!), and her struggle to find great gifts for creative children that weren’t discarded out of boredom quickly.

The range has won several awards and it’s not hard to see why. It was an instant hit with Georgie and she has been continuing to enjoy it since it arrived last week.

Pipity Activity Case Review

Pipity Activity Case Review

The Activity Case is made from a sturdy wipe-clean oilcloth and comes in red, blue or pink. The case has a removable strap, which you can adjust to a range of lengths to suit your child, and a handle on the top. It can be secured shut with elastic straps on the corners, and there is no chance of any of the contents coming out while in use.

The case comes with:

  • Activity starter pack
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Child safe scissors (which also comply with hand luggage regulation for flights)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • 12 pencil crayons

Pipity Activity Case Review

Pipity Activity Case Review

Pipity Activity Case Review

The scissors, glue, pencil, and sharpener all match the colour of the activity case, which is a lovely touch – and perfect if you have more than one child with different coloured packs as they will know whose is whose and there will (hopefully!) be less arguments. All of the items are branded with the Pipity logo and of really good quality, I was very impressed. 

Each item has it’s own place inside the activity case and Georgie is great at popping each thing back when she finishes with it. The pencils, scissors and ruler are all kept in place by a velcro flap, and all fit fairly snugly into their pockets, so there is no way for them to fall out whilst the case is being carried around.

The glue stick and sharpener are both very cleverly attached to the inside of the “spine” of the case with elastic straps. The shape of the sharpener and the double straps on the glue mean they are both very secure when not in use also. You can tell that Kate has really put a lot of thought into the design of the case, it is just great.

Pipity Activity Case Review

Pipity Activity Case Review

When in use, the elastic straps which hold it closed can be used to hold your paper into place which is a perfect touch for use in moving vehicles or on little laps. An activity book slots into place behind the built in easel, and there is even a pocket for you to slip completed pages or works in progress into. The back is cushioned to make it comfortable to use on the lap. 

The activity book is a little smaller than A5, and you can use A5 paper with the case quite easily, it fits on the easel, behind where you can store the book, and in the pocket behind that (just about). This is great for when Georgie is just in the mood to mess about, scribble,  cut out lots of little “tickets” or anything like that because she can just use some cheap paper from a pad of A5 she has already got. You can buy a refill pack of blank paper which is probably better for on the go use as the paper in the activity books is good quality 100 gsm paper, and will be tougher for when  you’re out & about than cheap thinner paper.

Pipity Activity Case Review

As you can tell it has Georgie’s approval! A heart hand sign is her “thing” right now for anything she loves!

Next up, the Pipity Portfolio. This expanding portfolio made from lined board. It has seven compartments to store all their creations inside, and secures shut with an elastic loop & shiny silver button. It is available in the same colours to match the activity case, and is the perfect size to hold the finished pages from the activity book.

You can also use the portfolio to store A5 creations (and A4 ones, folded in half), and it seems very sturdy and easy for Georgie to use on her own. Our house is always littered with abandoned artworks which then get stepped on or ripped accidentally, and there have been tears in the past about ruined drawings. This portfolio is the perfect solution to that problem, and it looks great too. 

Pipity Portfolio Review

Pipity Portfolio Review

Finally, we were sent a set of Activity Books from the Pipity range, including two fantastic festive books. We were impressed with all these books and Georgie has been really excited about all of them. We have been keeping them inside the portfolio for now, and all of them fit inside easily.

We were sent:

  • 14 Festive Thankyou’s
  • Countdown to Christmas
  • Pipity Puppet Shows
  • Dress-up Dolls

Pipity also sell a blank Paper Pad which is great for those kids who want to start with a blank canvas, and an On-the-Go Games book which I think might go onto Georgie’s birthday list for next year!

Pipity Activity Books Review

All four of these activity books are really good, with clear instructions where required and a real mix of activities. Georgie has been really getting into them and has loved everything she has done so far.

The Countdown to Christmas book is perfect for keeping kids amused in the lead up to Christmas, and is going to be ideal for the week before Christmas Day when the girls are home from school and will need entertaining!

The Festive thank you’s book is a lovely set of thank you postcards ready to be coloured in, with space for the address, stamp & several different style of thank you letter on the other side. These are perfect for young children who aren’t up to writing a full note, and some of them are even easy enough for Lydia to do, with tick boxes next to pictures to create the letter.

Pipity Activity Case Review

As you can tell, we are definitely big fans of the Pipity range and I have been recommending it to people since Georgie first started using hers. I think we will certainly end up buying a pink one for Lydia in a few years so she can have one of her own.

In fact, I loved the Pipity Activity Case so much I’ve already bought another one, for my 6 year old niece’s Christmas present. You can’t get a better recommendation than that!

5 stars for the Pipity Activity Case, Portfolio, and Activity Books.

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