Absurd Duplo Creations

We have a lot of Duplo. When Georgie was just starting to get to Duplo age, we managed to get a big tub of the stuff at a bargain price on eBay, and we have been adding “interesting” bits & pieces to our collection ever since that starting point. We have now amassed a rather huge collection, filling one large and one medium sized tub. Georgie and Lydia both love the stuff, and I love to watch them build things with it, and play with things that we create with or for them.

Recently James and I, aided and abetted by Georgie to a certain extent, have been creating some crazy Duplo structures. This is mostly done after bedtime, and sometimes during Lydia’s naps. 15 month old Lydia is “the great destroyer” so the building of things like wooden railways or Duplo masterpieces have to be constructed while she is safely out of the way sleeping!

We have been building tall towers, huge houses and strange castles, and a rather odd structure that used every bit of duplo we could find (and consequently ended up with a zoo on the roof). Georgie likes to try and be taller than our creations so when we made one tower that reached to the ceiling she required a bit of help from Daddy to beat it. One house that James made was declared to be nothing more than a drinks holder, which frustrated Lydia as she couldn’t reach the drink that Georgie balanced on the top…