Review: Snazaroo Face Paint Brush Pens

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Product: Snazaroo Face Paint Brush Pens

Price: £9.99 per pack

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Available in 12 colours, the water-based paint is suitable for sensitive skin and is both fragrance and paraben free. And when the fun’s over, removing it is quick and easy with soap and warm water. Snazaroo Brush Pens are set to change face painting with a brilliant new twist.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Snazaroo Face Paint Brush Pens Review

Review: One thing the girls really enjoy having done at parties or school discos is having their face painted, Lydia especially. So when we got an offer to review Snazaroo’s new Brush Pens I thought they’d be perfect for Lydia’s birthday party – and they were.

They sent us the Adventure, Monochrome, and Fantasy sets. Each set has three coloured brush pens and has a RRP of £9.99. The Adventure set comes with red, gold & blue, while the Fantasy set has pink, purple & silver, and the Monochrome set has two black and one white. Snazaroo also do a Jungle set with yellow, green & brown, and a Halloween set with black, orange and white.

Using the same sort of technology they use in concealer brush pens, these face paint brush pens are really nifty. You twist the bottom of the pen and it pushes liquid face paint up into the bristles of the brush, so you can paint it directly onto the skin. You don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning your brushes or mixing face paints, and you can clean the brush easily with a bit of water.

The face paint is suitable for sensitive skin, and is easy to remove with soap & water or a handy wipe. It goes on really easily and only takes a short period to dry which allows you to outline with other colours. It’s not super super smudge proof but I don’t think there is a face paint that can survive a whole day on a small child! 

As you can see you can get decent coverage over larger areas of the face as well as doing smaller detailing. We got the face paints out at Lydia’s birthday party and all the little girls had hearts or flowers painted onto their cheeks, and were very happy with the results despite me being somewhat of an amateur artist – the brush pens make it easy enough even for someone as hopeless as me to do basic face paint designs!

Lydia and Georgie have both been very pleased with these face paint brush pens, and so have I. They made the fun of face painting hassle-free when I was faced with a handful of small children at Lydia’s party and gets a big thumbs up from me! 5 stars for these face paint brush pens.

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