Holidays are Coming!

It’s that time of year again… the official countdown to Christmas has begun, with the first airing of the Coca-Cola Christmas advert! I know I wasn’t the only person to spot the ad tonight during X Factor, as there were other excited people on my twitter stream. I’m clearly not the only saddo out there, hooray!

I’m pleased to see that Coca-Cola have made the decision to stick to the original ad. A few  years ago they messed about with it and although the ads were good, they just didn’t trigger the same amount of excitement and nostalgia. If you haven’t managed to catch it on TV yet, here it is in all it’s glory…

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck is out touring the country again this year, and I’m hoping to take Georgie to visit it when it’s in our area. It will be stopping at over 60 locations so fingers crossed we get to see it, I was sad to miss out last year!

A few years ago I made myself a “Holidays are Coming” iPhone ringtone and every year I set my iPhone to sing it’s festive tune for me to enjoy, starting after bonfire night. This year is no exception so my ringtone has already been switched. People always ask me where I got it and I do like to share, so here you go!

Download Holidays are Coming iPhone ringtone (zipped .m4r file)

Download the full length Holidays are Coming.mp3 file

To get this on your iPhone, just drag it into iTunes and sync it with your iPhone. You may need to go into the Ringtones tab in the iPhone management screen to make sure it’s selected to sync across, if it doesn’t transfer automagically.