Review: Innergie Charge & Sync 3-in-1 USB Cable

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Innergie to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: Innergie Charge & Sync 3-in-1 USB Cable

Price: £19.99

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: Innergie, the world’s leading provider of innovative consumer power solutions, has launched Magic Cable Trio, a handy USB cable which is compatible with almost all digital devices. So kiss goodbye to trying to find the right cable when you need it or an irritating tangle of cables for all those different devices. This new solution is simple; the smart tip mechanism means the three different tips are built in including Apple, Mini USB and Micro USB in one 20cm power and sync cable. This handy cable is bound to become the gadget you can’t live without. It’s so simple you’ll wish you had thought of it!

Rating:  (5/5 stars)

Review: This 3-in-1 cable is quite an ingenious little thing, allowing you to cut down on the number of “emergency” cables you cart about with you in your laptop bag or tucked in your desk drawer. You know what I mean by this, right? You have all your chargers at home but you also feel the need to keep a spare phone cable, camera cable, etc in your bag for charging at work for those days you’ve forgotten to charge your device.

With Mini USB, Micro USB & traditional-style Apple connectors, this cable really does cover almost all the bases. And if you’re upgrading to an iPhone 5 or other Lightning connector device, you can pick up a Lightning to Micro USB adapter to use with it, instead of having yet another cable in your handbag.

The three connectors clip together in a daisy chain fashion to pass the signal along to the next connector; so when you want to use the Micro or Mini USB connectors you just pull the connectors apart at the relevant join, and fold the hinged connectors out of the way. The different sections clip in and out with a satisfying click & stay put when clipped together. The 20cm length is long enough to get your device out of the way of any dongles etc that are in neighbouring USB ports, and gives you a bit of leeway for using your gadget whilst plugged in, without it being so long it has to be wound up to put away.

I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping this in my bag or with my laptop for iPhone syncing and charging on the go, and I also use it as the main sync cable for my kindle, when I want to pop ebook files onto it using calibre. It’s small and light enough to take up a negligible amount of space but solid & well made enough to survive being slung in the bottom of your handbag and forgotten about until you need it! It’s been a life-saver* at times, I was at a get together with friends & there was the inevitable “has anyone got a cable I can borrow for my …..” shout out, and so I dug in my bag and the 3-in-1 cable came to the rescue!

Charging kindle & iPhone

Also, it happens to be the perfect accompaniment to the OXpwr two charging pack I reviewed a few days ago, allowing you to charge two devices at once on the go.

5 stars for a versatile and well made cable that is a useful little thing! I think the price point is fair considering how much it would cost to buy three separate cables to cart about, especially when this is much more convenient.

*Well, these days it IS life and death if your phone is dying, right? 😛