Review: PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Mobile Fun to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

MobileFunProduct: PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand

Price: £24.99

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: The PadPivot NST is the ultimate universal tablet desk stand and holder, featuring three unique methods of holding a variety of devices from e-readers to 10″ tablets such as iPad models. This lightweight and portable device holds your favorite tablet, phone, or eReader for hands-free viewing on a table or (less hands-free) perching on your thigh (using the included leg strap). It also features a sticky pad that will stick to your device and to some cases. If you’re using a case that won’t stick, there’s a notch that holds your device upright. is an online store which sells mobile devices and all the accessories or cases you could ever need to go with them.

Rating: (2/5 stars)


Review: We were sent the PadPivot stand to try out with our iPads and were initially impressed by the stand. The versatility is impressive, and I was looking forward to being able to strap it to my leg in the car or curled up on the sofa with my feet up. Unfortunately, not long into testing, the stand broke.

The PadPivot is a versatile stand which can be used in two ways; by attaching it to the back of your tablet or smartphone using the sticky pad, or sitting your device in the notch. The pad swivels around a full 360° on the ball joint, the angle of which is adjustable. Alternatively, you can pop your device into the notch, and it leans up against the pad for support.

The stand itself is designed to sit on flat surfaces, or fit to the curve of your leg. It comes with a strap that is designed to keep it secure on your leg.

You can fold up the stand quite small; by unscrewing the sticky pad, flipping the stand over, and slotting it into the hole in the middle. The two sides then fold over to make it all a neat compact little thing, that could easily be slipped into a pocket.

We found that the stand worked well, although weren’t too keen on the fact you had to fit a plastic sticker to the back of your iPad to make it fix to the sticky pad. Our Mooskin iPhone cases worked well with the sticky pad so we didn’t have to put a sticker on our phones, thankfully.

The notch was a good size and both my iPad, James’s iPad Mini & our iPhones felt secure in the stand when used in this way.

After we had been using the stand a few weeks, the screw thread started to get iffy, and soon after that part of the plastic socket holding the ball joint into place cracked, rendering the stand pretty useless.

Looking at how the stand is made, it seems impossible to avoid putting stress on the same area when you are removing the stand from a device, which means that I would expect it to break again eventually, if replaced – in my hands at any rate. This flaw means that I am only going to give the PadPivot 2 stars. The concept is fantastic but it requires a delicate touch!