Wednesday Wishlist: Fisher-Price Precious Planet baby gear

I make no secret of it, I am a big fan of Fisher-Price baby products. In my experience, their baby equipment and toys are generally well made, great quality and utterly reliable. The only F-P toy I have ever disliked is the giraffe sit-to-stand toy which proved to be too unstable for Georgie to play with safely – you can read my review here.

However, my positive experiences of the brand well outweigh my negative ones, and so when we found out that we were having another baby I started window shopping online for the perfect new baby equipment I knew we would need! Completely understandable behaviour, I’m sure you’d agree! After looking at the current ranges, I’ve settled on the Precious Planet range, as it is gender neutral without being boring, and is colourful and cute!

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Playtime Bouncer*

I will definitely be getting my hands on a bouncer and play gym before the baby is born – we didn’t get Georgie’s bouncer until she was about a month old and I remember wishing we’d had it from birth; she found it so comfortable and it made it so easy to move her around when she was sleeping!

Fisher-Price Precious Planets All Around Gym*

We had a Fisher-Price gym with Georgie too, a rainforest one which we all loved.. but when she outgrew it I made the decision to go ahead and sell it instead of storing it as I knew that I’d want a change for any future babies!

I’ll be scouring local ebay and gumtree listings in the hope of picking these two up for a bargain price sometime in the next 6 months (eep!), as our budget is definitely what you would call limited!