Birth predictions, the winners!

A few weeks ago I invited you all to guess a few things about Squidge/Lydia’s birth, and now that she has safely here we have our answers… and our winners! What day will I give birth? 27th February How much will Squidge weigh? 9 lb 3 Will it be a boy or a girl? Girl We’ve totted up the results, listed everyone who guessed correctly,… Continue Reading “Birth predictions, the winners!”

It’s a girl!!

Allow me to introduce Lydia Elizabeth Corkhill… Squidge Lydia was born at 1:24pm on Wednesday 27th February 2013, weighing in at 9 lb 3, after a long & difficult labour which was also followed by postpartum haemorrhaging. More on that particular story to come! The hospital staff were amazing. We were discharged from hospital yesterday afternoon and have spent a happy and relaxed first day… Continue Reading “It’s a girl!!”

SquidgeWatch: 39 Weeks, with added drama!

This week’s SquidgeWatch post is a few days late because we had a little bit of drama on Monday! While I was sorting out the dishwasher and starting to prepare lunch for Georgie & myself, I managed to fall over. We’re not talking about a small stumble here folks, I went flying and even brought a baby gate down with me! It was one of… Continue Reading “SquidgeWatch: 39 Weeks, with added drama!”

Our last little outing, just the two of us?

As my due date draws closer (and my bump grows ridiculously larger), I am increasing conscious of the fact that we only have a few more precious days with just Georgie, James & myself all on our own. For so long now Georgie and I have spent every weekday together, just the two of us, and now we will be adding a new personality to… Continue Reading “Our last little outing, just the two of us?”

SquidgeWatch: 37 Weeks

I reached the 37 week milestone yesterday, which basically means that this baby could come whenever it wants now! We have been continuing to prepare for a natural birth, organising childcare for Georgie (my MIL is going to come over & watch her), adjusting the contents of my hospital bag, and re-reading the info book the hospital have given us. I’ve even made sure I… Continue Reading “SquidgeWatch: 37 Weeks”

What’s in a name?

With our first pregnancy, we talked about names quite a lot, and we had favourites for both a boy and a girl from quite early on. We actually chose “Georgiana Alice” from about halfway through the pregnancy and didn’t change our mind about it being our choice for a girl from that point until the birth. When our little girl was put into James’s arms,… Continue Reading “What’s in a name?”

Squidgewatch: 36 Weeks (scan day!)

I had my 36 week scan today & can confirm miracles can happen! Defying the predictions and expectations of my consultants, ultrasound technicians and ourselves, my placenta has shifted out of the way and I have been cleared for a natural birth! I was diagnosed with Complete Placenta Praevia at 20 weeks and put on strict pelvic rest. After my bleeding/low placenta problems with Georgie’s… Continue Reading “Squidgewatch: 36 Weeks (scan day!)”

SquidgeWatch: 33 Weeks

I’m now passed the 33 week mark and things are becoming harder to deal with – the fun part of pregnancy is definitely fading away & the anxious countdown to the end beginning. My SPD is still playing up; it is a lot worse if I have been doing a lot – I did lots of tidying and sorting out yesterday and couldn’t sleep for… Continue Reading “SquidgeWatch: 33 Weeks”

Preparing for Baby 2: Playing with pushchairs

With a second baby on the way and Georgie not yet two, James and I have been considering our options when it comes to pushchairs. Ideally we wanted to avoid buying a double buggy as (a) I just don’t like them and (b) they cost a lot of money for something you don’t use for very long! Georgie has already started to show a preference… Continue Reading “Preparing for Baby 2: Playing with pushchairs”

SquidgeWatch: 30 Weeks

It seems hard to believe that I am now 30 weeks pregnant, and Christmas is just around the corner. I am now into the third trimester and things are definitely becoming more difficult – my hips and pelvis have started to become quite stiff and painful, and getting up from the bed or sofa can be an unpleasant experience! I am feeling loads of movements… Continue Reading “SquidgeWatch: 30 Weeks”

Getting organised – Nesting alert!!

As I continue through my second trimester, I am well aware that things are going to be harder to juggle in my third. With an increasingly active toddler on my hands and a rapidly growing bump I have been trying to get things sorted out for the new baby, as well as preparing for Christmas! With things being a bit up in the air with… Continue Reading “Getting organised – Nesting alert!!”

SquidgeWatch: 24 Weeks

I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by! Apart from the CPP drama everything seems to be ticking along fairly well. After several weeks of not being allowed to lift anything heavy (including our little scamp) I have finally gotten used to thinking before doing, and so have been behaving very well as per doctors orders. James is quick to tell me off if… Continue Reading “SquidgeWatch: 24 Weeks”