It’s a girl!!

Allow me to introduce Lydia Elizabeth Corkhill…


Squidge Lydia was born at 1:24pm on Wednesday 27th February 2013, weighing in at 9 lb 3, after a long & difficult labour which was also followed by postpartum haemorrhaging. More on that particular story to come! The hospital staff were amazing.

We were discharged from hospital yesterday afternoon and have spent a happy and relaxed first day home together as a family of four. Georgie is loving being a big sister so far, and Lydia is feeding well. I am recovering after my few hard days in hospital, and hope to be back to my normal self fairly soon.

Thank you to everyone who has left us lovely comments on twitter, Instagram & Facebook – there are far too many to reply to individually but I just wanted to say they are all seen & appreciated!

I will be posting again soon with lots of photos, her birth story, how Georgie is getting on as a big sister, and much more I’m sure. I will be announcing & contacting the winners of the birth predictions giveaway very soon too. For now, I’m off to cuddle my new baby girl… goodnight!

30 thoughts on “It’s a girl!!

  1. The photo you posted of Georgie hugging Lydia is beyond adorable. I thought she’d make a brilliant big sister, as she’s so caring, and she clearly is! It’s lovely 🙂

    I’m quite glad that I never had a prediction for you. This means I don’t have psychic powers yay!

    Take it easy! If you need anything, I’m not far away, so just shout. Take care xx

  2. Congratulations! She’s gorgeous
    Hope you’re getting some rest & enjoying snuggles with your little beauty xx

  3. How did I miss this?! Congratulations! She is beautiful. I hope that you are getting the rest you need to recover and enjoy these precious early days with her. I look forward to more lovely photos!

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