Our last little outing, just the two of us?

As my due date draws closer (and my bump grows ridiculously larger), I am increasing conscious of the fact that we only have a few more precious days with just Georgie, James & myself all on our own.

For so long now Georgie and I have spent every weekday together, just the two of us, and now we will be adding a new personality to that mix. We have no idea whether it will be a boy or girl, let alone whether this second child will be as easy going as Georgie, who I have so much fun with, and tends not to be too troublesome (yet!). We know we are very lucky parents to have been gifted with our little girl’s happy temperament!

Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day, and surprisingly warm for February, especially as it was snowing earlier in the week! Despite my SPD and general exhaustion, I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take Georgie to the park. She adores it there and it’s really not very far away, so I would have felt incredibly guilty keeping her indoors just because I’m huge and tired.

My effort (and resulting aching & exhaustion) was definitely worth the trip – she loved it. There was another little girl there to start with, so Georgie came over all shy and kept running back to where I was sitting, but once they left she had a great time climbing everywhere and running around on the grass with Homily. It was nice to get the Smart Trike out for the first time this year too, with no threatening rainclouds about!

Taking her to the park was a simple thing, but I know that will possibly be our last little trip out together, just the two of us. I want to make sure that I cherish every moment I have with my little girl, before there is another little person added to the mix to share my attention and time.

Here are a few videos I recorded with Vine at the park… If you’re an iPhone user and you love Instagram, you should definitely check this app out. It’s like Instagram but for videos.. instant, easy, and creative. It is the perfect platform for recording & sharing little moments of fun with your kids.

Not long to go now!

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