Wednesday Wishlist: Pretty Changing Bags

When I was pregnant James & I went on a basics shop at Mothercare and picked up their Essentials Changing Bag to use as our out-and-about bag – we figured it was unisex, wipe clean and good value. And, although I still think all those things, I can’t help but eye up other Mum’s more fashionable options with a slightly envious eye. Don’t get me wrong, the Mothercare bag has been great – it has plenty of room, handy pouches to hold nappies, and James doesn’t feel like an idiot when he carries it around… it’s just that occasionally I have a girly urge to want pretty things.

With our somewhat restrained budget, I could never justify spending so much money on a bag I don’t need just because I want one that is nice to look at… but that doesn’t stop me looking. Here are a few of my favourite changing bags for a mum with cash to burn!

Wallaboo Changing Bag

The Wallaboo Changing Bag* is probably one of my absolute favourite man friendly bags that I’ve seen while I’ve been indulging in my online window shopping this afternoon. It’s not too heavily priced at £34.99, and comes in a range of colours. I think my husband James wouldn’t object too madly to carrying around this red one. The soft blue is equally gorgeous, and they also do it in pink, lime, black & chocolate so I’m sure you could find a shade you like! The bag includes a changing mat, bottle holder & dry bag, and is made from faux swede with fleece trim. This doesn’t sound too practical but the listing claims that it is machine washable so it’s possible it would survive the rigours of regular use!

Yummy Mummy

For a girlier option, there is this Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Pink Butterflies* bag which is an explosion of pink, cupcakes & butterflies. Although I must admit it’s not entirely my style I do find myself somewhat drawn to it! Unfortunately the phrase “yummy mummy” always sets my teeth on edge slightly which puts me off a bit. This one seems terrifically expensive to me – it’s priced at £75.00! It comes with the normal array of pockets, a changing mat & zip bag – and a nice touch is that the bottle pouches inside are insulated.

Blue Butterflies

Another offering from Pink Lining, this Pink Lining Poppins Blue Butterflies Baby Changing Bag* is actually much more ‘me’ than the above pink one, and doesn’t have that horrible YM phrase! Unfortunately at £65.00 this is well out of our budget, otherwise I really would be nagging James to let me buy it. This, to me, is the perfect mix of practicality & prettiness without being as out & out girly as the yummy mummy bag. The exterior of the bag is wipe clean which is always a plus, and it again comes with all the necessary accompaniments for changing your baby on the go.

I know I can’t afford either of the Pink Lining bags, much as I might want them.. but maybe if our changing bag “accidentally” rips in half I might be able to persuade James to let me buy the slightly impractical (faux suede!?) but gorgeous Wallaboo one? A girl can dream…