Review: Pink Lining Poppins Bag Blue Butterflies

When they saw my Wednesday Wishlist post about pretty changing bags and my resulting feelings of outright jealously whenever I saw fellow mothers walking around with gorgeous designer changing bags, Pink Lining got in touch and (incredibly generously) offered me one of their Poppins Bags to review.… Continue Reading “Review: Pink Lining Poppins Bag Blue Butterflies”

Wednesday Wishlist: Pretty Changing Bags

When I was pregnant James & I went on a basics shop at Mothercare and picked up their Essentials Changing Bag to use as our out-and-about bag – we figured it was unisex, wipe clean and good value. And, although I still think all those things, I can’t help but eye up other Mum’s more fashionable options with a slightly envious eye. Don’t get me wrong,… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Pretty Changing Bags”