Review: Pink Lining Poppins Bag Blue Butterflies

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Pink Lining to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: Poppins Bag Blue Butterflies

Price: £65.00

Age Range: 0+ (it’s a changing bag but will make a great all purpose bag after you’re done with nappies!)

Manufacturer’s Description: This is a bag for the Fashionista Mummy who wants the best. A bag that does what it needs to without compromising on aesthetics! It is slightly longer than our other changing bags to give you extra room for all your baby essentials. This bag has a large zip pocket across the front for all mummy things such as a pen holder, key fob, pouch pocket for a mobile and lots of space for other essentials. The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and is long enough to fit over any pram/buggy handle bars.

Rating:  (5/5 stars)

Poppins Bag – Blue Butterflies

Review: When they saw my Wednesday Wishlist post about pretty changing bags and my resulting feelings of outright jealously whenever I saw fellow mothers walking around with gorgeous designer changing bags, Pink Lining got in touch and (incredibly generously) offered me one of their Poppins Bags to review.

I have been using the bag for nearly a month now, as I wanted to give it a good trial period before writing my review. I was initially delighted with how attractive and spacious the bag seemed, and, as we have used it over the past weeks, we have been equally delighted with how practical it is. We have taken it to an NCT sale, to town, around Crufts, to my breastfeeding buddies training, and to Wales and back – basically we have used it a LOT in the last month and it has never disappointed in that time.

Standard Features for Pink Lining Changing Bags
What’s in the bag!

The outside of the bag looks like normal canvas type fabric but it is in fact laminated which makes it “baby proof” – Georgie actually spilled half a cup of stone cold coffee all over the front of the bag, but it was easily wiped off & once the damp patch dried there wasn’t a single shred of evidence of the liquid assault. The trademark pink lining inside the bag is also water resistant which is handy when you are carrying sippy cups around with you!

The inside of the bag (empty, with mat & wet bag) – Bag, changing mat & wet bag – Packed bag – Front zip pocket

There are plenty of pockets inside the bag which make it easy to keep your belongings organised. The nappy pockets are extra long which is great because it stops the nappies getting that “dog eared” look they start to have when they don’t quite fit into the pockets in your changing bag. The mirror and key fob inside the front zip pocket are really handy – being able to find your keys in a hurry is very useful when you have an impatient baby who wants you to get that door unlocked ASAP.

You can fit a LOT of stuff in these bags, which is great because I seem to carry everything but the kitchen sink around with me these days. As well as nappies, wipes, nappy bags & spare clothes, there is also nappy rash cream, baby snacks, a sippy cup, bibs, spoons, toys, calpol, teething gel, teethers, a gumigem, muslin cloths… and that’s just the baby’s belongings! I also have mints, painkillers, keys, umbrella, solid perfume, handgel, lippy, lipsalve, hand cream, a pen, etc etc. Despite the fact I clearly carry around WAY too much stuff, the strap is fantastic as it doesn’t feel too heavy or achy on your shoulder at all.

Georgie gives the changing mat her wriggly seal of approval – The bag hangs nicely on the back of the pushchair

Needless to say, the boring black Mothercare changing bag has been thrown to the corner of the Utility room in favour of this masterpiece. I will probably get around to stocking it with a few nappies, a spare outfit or two & a couple of snacks, and then keep it in the car as an emergency kit!

To sum up – this bag not only looks fantastic but is practical and comfortable to carry to boot. You can even fit your life in it without losing everything thanks to the handy pockets, key fob & separate zipped compartment for the “adult stuff”.

This is not a hard one to rate… 5 stars for an absolutely gorgeous bag which has been a joy to use! I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a pretty yet practical changing bag & wants to splash out as a treat to themselves. After all, the changing bag you choose is going to be your main handbag for a looong time after you have a baby!

The lovely folks over at Amoralia Lingerie are currently running a competition to win a Pink Lining changing bag – you have until 12pm on the 10th April to enter so head over there and get entering!

5 thoughts on “Review: Pink Lining Poppins Bag Blue Butterflies

  1. I love those bags! I have the peppermint bottom of the garden one. I love to see the envious look on other mother's faces as I purposefully put it on full view. It is the Louis Vuitton handbag of motherhood.

  2. What is like to carry across your body, I'm sick of having to chase around after my 21month year old daughter and worry about my bag (on my shoulder). I want something that I can sling across my body and forget about – will this work as I love the look of them.

    1. I have carried it across my body before & it’s not too bad. I’m “plus size” so like a longer strap generally, but this should be plenty long enough for most people I should think 🙂

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