Filofax Blogging Planner (Personal) – Free Printables!

Earlier in the week I blogged about my ridiculously high stress levels and how I was trying to tackle them by getting organised. I’m trying to do this by buying a Filofax to make it easier to manage my time and help me to juggle work, blogging, the kids, and the house.

This is my Filofax… it is a Personal Organiser and it cost us all of £15 at Staples in town. I LOVE the beautiful dark pink colour, and £2 has been donated to Breast Cancer Campaign because of my purchase – a cause that is close to my heart.



This planner has some handy pockets in the back and front, a pen loop, and I’ve bought and printed various things to pop inside. I want to get more (this is going to be addictive) but I’m getting there with how I want things to be to organise my work and blogging, with pages I have designed & printed myself.

I bought the Rapesco Diary Punch and used our paper trimmer to cut down paper before printing on our trusty HP Envy 4500 which handled the small sheets of paper really well. If you want to skip the hassle of cutting paper I guess you could buy plain Filofax paper instead and print on that instead.


My set of blogging planner pages includes:

  • Notable Dates
  • Month-on-2-pages Planner
  • To-Do List
  • Notes
  • Weekly Planner
  • Reviews
  • Competitions
  • Blog Post Ideas

Blogging Planner Printables


Most of these are self explanatory… I use the month view for keeping track of deadlines, competition end dates, events, twitter parties, and that sort of thing. Each day has a tick box for Facebook and for twitter so I remember to check and engage with these if I have the time.

The weekly planner has half a page for posts, with tick boxes to say they have been promoted on twitter & Facebook, and then a section for Linkies/Regular Features I like to take part in, and a Weekly Checklist for any weekly tasks. On the PDF download I’ve left these lists blank, but on my personal copy of this page I have some items typed in already.

The Reviews page helps me keep track of products I’ve agreed to review, when they arrived, whether I have photographed them, and when I post the review. The Competitions page has the prize, competition date, winner details, and so on. I didn’t bother with an end date as it was a tight squeeze and I’ll be keeping note of when to pick winners in my weekly and monthly pages.

I hope other Filofax users find them useful – I know I already am 🙂

10 thoughts on “Filofax Blogging Planner (Personal) – Free Printables!

    1. Haha I love this kind of stuff. At uni and at work since then I have always designed my own organisational stuff like this. I did a Project Management module at uni and I was in heaven.

    1. Haha I felt the need to make a page for everything blogging related I needed to keep track of, so it all looks pretty and matchy!

  1. I have always wanted a filofax and even better if it donated to charity, this would be v helpful for blog, uni and freelance etc as sometimes my pea brain isn’t enough hahah xxx

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