Let’s talk about poo

I think if Georgie had to show off a specialist talent in some sort of Baby’s Got Talent competition, it would be filling her nappy. I say this not because of the frequency or skill with which she completes the task, but rather due to the extreme pride she has in her work.

After each nappy filling session there are wide smiles and a look of achievement on her face, and she will frequently look expectantly at myself and her daddy as if we should be applauding her masterpiece. During the procedure itself her whole body gets in on the act, as she tenses every muscle & has a face full of determined concentration. The more effort that is required to get the job done, the better her mood is as soon as it is completed, and the prouder she seems.


Of course, as we enter into the early stages of weaning, her nappies are becoming more… interesting. Smellier. Lumpier. Just plain weirder! And it definitely seems as though she is getting more impressed with them, and herself. I take her to the changing mat and she wants to get involved, trying to catch a glimpse of what’s going on down there while she waves her clean replacement nappy around her head triumphantly, waiting for the moment when I will take it away from her to put it on.

There is also a strange fascination to her nappies now. I feel the need to try and identify the odd shapes and lumps that appear, as if I wasn’t already perfectly aware what she was eating at each meal. Why do I then have the urge to identify the evidence? Worse still, I will update my husband when he comes home; “you should have seen her nappy today, the mushrooms she ate 5 days ago made an appearance!”, as though he needs to be aware of the status of his daughter’s digestive system to such a detailed level.

There are even conversations at baby group on the topic. We mothers talk about frequency, consistency, and every other aspect under the sun! What is it about motherhood that makes a poo such an enthralling subject?!