Life Lately: December 2018

December was a really busy month for us, and we had a lot going on with the usual end of term Christmas school events, weekend outings , our 10th wedding anniversary, and of course Christmas and everything that involved. 

We spent Christmas Day at home and had a very nice Christmas dinner – even if I do say so myself – and then had James’s Mum over for some of the evening. Boxing Day was busy with a drive over to my Grandma’s house, where there was a bit of a family gathering with my parents plus my sister & her family. It was really lovely even though I had a really horrible migraine. James’s 35th birthday was straight after Boxing Day on the 27th, and we went into town to see Pinocchio at the Old Rep which was pretty good, and had a meal out.

The biggest thing that happened in December, though, was that Lydia had her surgery for her squint. I’ll blog more about that separately soon, but it went very well and she has recovered nicely. She was delighted to get her ears pierced just after Christmas as her reward for being brave – and I took the opportunity to get my daith pierced too, while we were at the tattoo parlour, in the hopes that it will help with my headaches and migraines. So far, so good!

I’ve been reading…

I enjoyed re-reading some of Julia Quinn’s earlier books in December, as well as indulging in some guilty pleasure reading with a handful of the latest Pride & Prejudice variations on Kindle Unlimited.

The Julia Quinn series I have been re-reading are the Agents of the Crown series, the Splendid series, and the Lyndon Sisters series. They are such fun books to read – I love her characters and story lines.

I’ve been watching…

I finished bingeing the entirety of Orphan Black – it is SO good! It’s a Netflix show and I definitely recommend it to people. I loved the ending.

The other thing I watched in December was a whole load of cheesy Hallmark style Christmas movies. Between Now TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime I had a large selection to choose from and they definitely helped keep me entertained while I worked! I really enjoyed the various Netflix originals in particular.

I’ve been listening to…

Music wise, mostly Hamilton – in preparation of going to see it in London, and an awful lot of Christmas music! Including the Christmas Number One, “We Built This City” by LadBaby, of course. 

As for audio books, I treated myself to the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – Makers, Mysteries and Magic audio documentary on Audible. Narrated by Dan Fogler (who plays No-Maj Jacob Kowalski) this takes you behind the scenes and features interviews from several of the actors and crew about how the film was made. It was fascinating to listen to!

I’ve been playing… 

I mostly played Red Dead Redemption 2 in December, although I also enjoyed playing on the Switch too – as a family we’ve been playing Mario Party and it is a lot of fun! 

I am the first to admit I’m a bit of a completionist so Red Dead Redemption is equal parts fun and frustrating for me. There is loads to do and craft but it can take ages to do certain things. I have been enjoying it but I’m not sure whether I’ll try and get that elusive platinum trophy as it’s a total time suck and it’s definitely a only-play-with-no-kids-around game!

Month in a Minute

This has been up on my YouTube channel for a few weeks but I’ve been so busy with the start of the year I’ve only just had a chance to finish this post! Here’s a snippet of our festive December: