Looking back on 2018

Hello! I’m back after our Christmas break – back at work and back to blogging. I’d like to say I’m feeling refreshed and recharged but to be completely honest I’m exhausted. I’m not sleeping well, I’m feeling hormonal half the time and my bad knee has been playing up.

Despite that I am determined to Get On With Things this year. I am sorting the house out, getting more organised and aiming to do a little bit each day to hopefully keep on top of life a bit better! 

First, though, I want to take a look back on 2018 with my compilation video of the year. I’ve been doing Month in a Minute for a few years now and at the end of the year I put them all together to create a video full of moments from the whole year – I love it each year and this 2018 one is no exception…

I think the biggest highlight of the year for everyone in our little family was our trip to Denmark to go to the Lego House – it was an amazing few days away and I definitely highly recommend it for Lego fans of all ages. I’m pretty sure we’ll be heading back in a few years for another visit. If you want to see the full video of our trip head over to YouTube.

James and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in 2018, although we left most of our celebrating until after the new year when we went away for a fab weekend in London.

Lydia turned 5 last year, and Georgie turned 7. I can’t believe my baby girl is nearly 6 already! They both had fun birthday parties with their friends, spent the year being (mostly) good at school, and enjoyed the various adventures we got up to during the year, mostly thanks to the weird and wonderful life that blogging brings us.

We also welcomed a new member to the family during 2018; Gypsy the Norwich Terrier has come to live with us! James’s mum breeds Norwiches and Homily, who has been our dog for over 10 years now, is getting very elderly so Gypsy has moved in to liven things up a bit and is an absolute sweetheart.

Here’s to 2019 and all our adventures ahead this year… we have some exciting plans for some trips and I am wanting to blog more this year, and share more on YouTube too. We already have some fun stuff in the pipeline, so watch this space…