Life Lately: February 2018

February was a pretty quiet month, with a fairly chilled out half term and ending with Lydia’s 5th birthday. We did have a few outings – we visited Sea Life and their new piranha tank, and we went down to visit Sophie & her gorgeous little girl Isla for an afternoon too.

The girls did 5 mornings of swimming lessons over half term and progressed brilliantly; Georgie started the week in armbands and ended it by swimming halfway across the pool with no aids at all, and swimming fairly confidently with just one ring on each arm.

James had a week off for half term so it was nice to get some stuff at home sorted out too – we finally tackled the space under the stairs; it’s all organised at last, and we sorted and shredded years of paperwork! We also booked an exciting trip for later in the year last month – we’re heading to Billund to visit the Lego House, to take our shiny new passports for a spin, and the girls on their first plane ride.

I’ve been reading…

In February I bought and devoured the latest releases by Katie Fforde & Jill Mansell; A Country Escape and This Could Change Everything. I loved both these books and they were both complete page turners, I read them both in a few days.

A Country Escape by Katie Fforde is about a young woman named Fran who is invited by a distant relative to take over the family farm in hopes of making it generate some profit and, if she makes a go of things, to eventually inherit it. Fran has no previous farming experience, being a chef, and is ever so slightly afraid of cows. There’s a possibly nefarious next door neighbour and a charming cousin to worry about too. It’s great fun, if slightly predictable at times (which I don’t necessarily find totally bad!).

This Could Change Everything by Jill Mansell weaves together the stories of several different interesting characters in the wonderful way Jill does, with the main character Essie falling victim to a terrible prank. She writes a sarcastic round robin style letter that was meant for no-one’s eyes but her best friend’s, and it ends up being emailed to all her contacts. Essie isn’t exactly polite to her would-be Mother in Law, so as you can imagine that doesn’t exactly go down well!

The 6th book in Candy Kirk’s Good Hope series came out in February too, so I didn’t have to wait too long after binging the series in January for the next instalment! Total feel good reading.

I’ve been watching…

I had a big work project on the go in February so I binge watched shows on Netflix while I worked. Everything Sucks!, Beyond and Stranger Things were my favourites – I totally get why everyone was going on about Stranger Things, it’s awesome!

As for films, we watched the latest instalment in the Pirates of the Caribbean series in February, and I actually enjoyed it much more than the couple before it. Not to be taken at all seriously of course! During half term all four of us went to the cinema together to watch the Greatest Showman, and the girls have been singing the songs since we saw it, they really enjoyed the film.

I’ve been listening to…

Audiobook-wise I’ve been listening to the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan still – I’m onto the second book of the trilogy and really enjoying it. Unlike the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series, I’ve not read all of these ones before so the stories are new to me.

My music playlists have mostly been more of the Greatest Showman soundtrack, along with the odd random Amazon Music playlist Alexa thinks I’ll enjoy. I love songs from musicals and film soundtracks so they are often my go-to.

I’ve been playing…

Zelda! I totally obsessively played Zelda after we re-purchased it for the Switch as we are selling the WiiU soon and I wanted to get the DLC on the platform we planned to keep.

I have completed every shrine, completed all the divine beasts, champions quests, and have got my hands on a very fancy unicorn motorbike. I also beat Ganon but then carried on playing for more completionist joy. I’m going to work on killing all the big beasties, doing side quests, and maxing out all my armour sets.

We also got Overcooked for the Switch recently so James and I have been having a lot of fun playing that! I’m not sure our marriage is going to survive our attempts at co-op play, mind you. There’s a fair bit of laughing and shouting going on whenever we play.

Month in a Minute

So that’s it – our February. Hope you had a good one! I’m still in denial my baby girl is five. FIVE!