Life Lately: January 2019

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Our January started off pretty quietly; James headed back to work while the girls and I had quite a relaxed end to the school holiday – baking (using a weird recipe in their Christmas book that came out tiny), building lots of LEGO, and generally chilling out and having fun.

We headed to the Children’s Hospital the day before they went back to school, and they were delighted with her recovery and improvement after her surgery – her eye didn’t turn out at all any more when they tested.

James and I went to London for a weekend to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary – a month late – and had a wonderful time. We went to see Hamilton, explored London with a proper touristy day, and then stopped at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour for some Harry Potter overload on the way home. It was exhausting but fantastic.

The girls were happy to be back to school with their friends after the Christmas break – they are both doing well, they even do their homework without needing to be asked twice, most of the time. Handing it in, however, we are still working on – for some reason they feel the need to carry it around in their school bags for days!

Lydia got herself a star of the week certificate, so she was very proud of herself for that one.

I’ve been reading…

I discovered Wendy Soliman on Kindle Unlimited, and enjoyed a whole bunch of her historical romance fiction books in January. Her characters are always really interesting and I have really enjoyed the storylines. I’ll definitely be reading some more of her books.

I’ve been watching…

I binged the entirety of Sex Education on Netflix – it was quite funny! Set in the sixth form class of a British (yet weirdly American) school, virginal Otis finds himself constantly embarrassed by his sex therapist Mum – but when his fellow classmates find out he has a wealth of information on the topic they convince him to set up a sex therapy clinic in school. It’s all a bit ridiculous, but entertaining.

I’ve also been watching some of Timeless on Netflix, which all about a team that go back in time to protect history from being changed. It requires too much concentration to have it on while I work so I have been taking a break from it since I started back at work.

My favourite film from January was definitely Belle – it is a film about a mixed race girl called Dido Belle in the seventeen hundreds. She is rescued by her father from a life of poverty in the West Indies and placed in the home of her great-uncle, the Earl of Mansfield. What follows is her struggle to fit into a society that don’t know how to treat her, all while her great-uncle struggles with a case that revolves around security.

I’ve been listening to…

In January I mostly listened to musical soundtracks – Hamilton, of course, but also Into The Woods and a few others. I’d love to be able to see some more musicals live but we just don’t have the funds – or child free time – so listening to the soundtracks and watching film versions of them is as good as I’m going to get.

I’ve also been enjoying Counting Crows music – they released a new song ‘August and Everything After’ in January on Amazon Music and it got me listening to their songs.

I’ve been playing… 

I got Spider-Man PS4 for James for Christmas (or was it his birthday two days later – oops, I can’t quite remember), and I have been playing it more than him. Again, oops. To be fair, he has at least one other new games he’s been playing. Spider-Man is so good. The web swinging is spot on, and I have loved collecting everything and doing all the side missions, as well as the fantastic story missions.

One other game we got in January was Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders, for the Switch. Lydia loves this game… you get to swap between your character and his dragon, Hiccup and Astrid are featured, and you even get to ride on the back of your dragon to fly from place to place. It feels a bit between a (perfect!) cross between the Dragons franchise and Zelda, but made a bit easier and suitable for children. It’s a lot of fun to play, for kids and adults who are fans of the franchise.

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