Life Lately: June 2018

This post is so late! July has been manic with work, that’s my excuse I’m afraid… boring but true.

We started June while we were still in Felixstowe, and spent our last day going on the foot ferry across the river, to enjoy some geocaching around Bawdsey and soak up the sunshine.

On the way home from our holiday we popped over to see my sister and her family – the girls loved spending some time with their cousin Izzy, and it was nice to have a chat and catch up on things.

Mid-June saw us heading to meet up with my old friends Becky & Seb at Cotswold Wildlife Park, which was a really lovely day out. The girls adore them, and there were lots of animals to see – including Georgie’s favourite… penguins! She has already decided that instead of a party next year she wants to do a junior keeper experience there to celebrate her 8th birthday.

Another lovely day out last month was Bournville Festival, where one of the girls best friends was dancing in the maypole – and her Mum joined in when they did a mothers dance too! Sophie goes to a different school to Georgie and Lydia, so they always love seeing her – they got to explore the festival together which gave each set of adults a break too. James and I got to chill out in the sunshine and watch the extreme mountain bike stunt display which was pretty impressive, and then we all hung out together until the end of the festival and watched the fireworks.

I’ve been reading…

After watching the film again recently, I decided to buy The Martian by Andy Weir to read on my kindle, and I’m so glad I did. I really enjoyed this book and while the film adaptation is extremely good, reading the book gives you much more detail to the story and it is just a really good read. I definitely recommend it!

Towards the end of June, my pre-order of Cottage on Sunshine Beach by Holly Martin appeared on my kindle and I read it within a day or two. I love Holly’s books and this one is no exception, it has a really sweet story and I’m really enjoying these characters she has created for her current series of books. They can all be read standalone, but are set in the same village, and some of the different characters all crop up in the various books.

I’ve been watching…

For some reason I decided June was the month to watch two shows which I had been avoiding up till now: 13 Reasons Why & The Handmaids Tale. Both these shows deal with some really sensitive subjects and put you through the emotional wringer a bit. They are pretty heavy watches but are both worth it – I really enjoyed both shows, and watched all of the first season of both last month. I have been watching the second season of both since but had to take a break as I was very stressed with work and needed some lighter viewing!

My favourites of the films I watched in June were Set it Up, Coyote Ugly, and Brain on Fire. A mix of fun, frivolous, and fascinating viewing. I’m buying the book that Brain on Fire is based on to read next, as the film was really interesting.

I’ve been listening to…

Pretty much whatever Alexa has suggested! Mostly laid back pop to have on in the background, and that sort of thing. Also, the Hamilton soundtrack got a fair bit of play time in June as I got all excited – we are going to go and see the London production in January! It is to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary which is actually this December. It’s just cheaper to go to London after Christmas so we are celebrating late.

I’ve been playing…

I decided to finally get around to playing Assassin’s Creed: Unity in June – video games are a great stress relieving tool! There’s nothing like a bit of assassinating after a difficult work day. I’ve completed the main storyline and a fair bit of the game besides that, though I don’t think I’ll bother trying to 100% it as some of the achievements rely on multiplayer and I don’t tend to play well with others!

We also got Donkey King Tropical Freeze for the Switch in June, which was a lot of fun for some casual gaming. With my completionist tendencies I do tend to replay levels over and over until I have collected absolutely everything in the level! We are still really enjoying the switch, being able to both relax and play games in the same room after bedtime is great, and James has been able to take it in easily to work for games night a few times, too.

Month in a Minute

Here is our June in a minute video! We had a really nice month…