Geocaching with the kids – on holiday

This year we have been away a few times with the girls, and have taken half a day each time to do some geocaching. We find it a great way to explore new areas and visit places you might not have visited otherwise, with the added excitement of the ‘treasure hunting’ element of it all. Geocaching is a global phenomenon, so wherever you go you… Continue Reading “Geocaching with the kids – on holiday”

Our traditional British seaside holiday

During the half term break (which now seems ages and ages away, not just last month!), we headed to Felixstowe to visit family, and ended up having a really lovely and quite stereotypical British seaside holiday! As well as plenty of family time with James’s Dad and grandmother during the week, we spent loads of time enjoying the beach, going swimming, enjoying the 2p machines… Continue Reading “Our traditional British seaside holiday”

Felixstowe Seafront – Holiday Highlights

We just spent five days staying at a caravan park in Felixstowe, mainly to visit James’s family and partly because we needed a break! It was a great holiday and we spent a lot of our time out and about, enjoying the Felixstowe seafront. Landguard Nature Reserve & Felixstowe Port Felixstowe is a major port for Britain, with huge container ships coming in & out of… Continue Reading “Felixstowe Seafront – Holiday Highlights”