Geocaching with the kids – on holiday

This year we have been away a few times with the girls, and have taken half a day each time to do some geocaching. We find it a great way to explore new areas and visit places you might not have visited otherwise, with the added excitement of the ‘treasure hunting’ element of it all.

Geocaching is a global phenomenon, so wherever you go you are likely to be able to spend some time finding hidden caches of all shapes and sizes. This year we have seen some brilliant ones, my personal favourite being a teeny tiny one hidden inside a fake bolt on a flood barrier!

A teeny tiny micro cache!

While we were staying in Felixstowe in the spring half term holiday we spent an afternoon taking a foot ferry across the River Deben to Bawdsey Manor, where went for a lovely walk hunting down caches placed around the area. It gave us an excuse to take the boat over the water, which was a great adventure as far as the girls were concerned! We discovered a fair few caches around the Felixstowe seafront as well, which encouraged the girls to walk further than they would want to otherwise.

In Denmark we spent our final morning there exploring the area in our hire car, parking up and going for little walks to find geocaches. The weather was beautiful and we visited some stunning places. We finished our geocaching for the day at the LEGO House as we spent our last afternoon there – I love that there is already a geocache hidden there!

We don’t remember to look for caches every where we go, and we don’t always find them when we look, but it is a great activity to do outdoors with the kids, especially when we visit new areas. You really do get to see places you wouldn’t see otherwise, and it is a really good incentive for getting little girls to go for a good length walk. Frequent application of ice cream helped, too – we were on holiday after all!

You can find out more about Geocaching and get the app over on their website.

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  1. Geocaching is amazing fun, my two absolutely have a blast when we get out to do it. Since moving house we haven’t done it since, I wonder how many are in our new town. The best and most memorable cache we ever found was in Worden Park, Leyland in side a plastic skull.

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