Mornings in the Mama Geek house

We have been invited by Britmums and Belvita to share our Morning Stories, and give Mama Geek readers an insight into the slightly chaotic period of time we call “morning” in our house.

The first to wake up in the mornings is usually Lydia, who (miraculously) plays quietly in her cot for a little while, before letting out a few indignant yells because we haven’t gone & retrieved her for a cuddle yet. She has a few snuggles in our bed, before heading downstairs with Daddy for some breakfast.

I’m married to a saint, really. James gives Lydia her breakfast and makes coffee, usually bringing mine up to bed for me to drink while relaxing for a bit, and getting up. Normally I get delivered something for breakfast too; we generally have pastries or something similar in the house for me – although since we discovered these Belvita breakfast biscuits thanks to this challenge, I have been happily munching some of these each morning.


We were very kindly sent three boxes of Belvita to try; Milk & Cereal, Fruit & Fibre, and Yoghurt Crunch Cocoa. I really loved the Milk & Cereal ones, and enjoyed the Fruit & Fibre biscuits. The Yoghurt Crunch Cocoa wasn’t such a hit with me, as I liked the biscuits but wasn’t too keen on the “yoghurt” sandwiched in between. James said they were “alright” though – a man of many words, my husband. Since the gobbling up these packs we have purchased more Milk & Cereal ones, and also tried out the “Cocoa with Choc Chips” which are fantastic.


Each individual pack inside the box has four biscuits and these have been great at giving me slow release energy in the mornings, and I have definitely been snacking less. The kids really love them too!


Georgie is a bit of a lazy bum in the mornings so she will sometimes go down with James and Lydia for breakfast, or just wake up and have it in her own time. It isn’t too unusual for Georgie to thunk her way downstairs around 9:30 and politely request (demand) some food, with Lydia heading back upstairs for a nap a short while after that.


I know things are going to have to change soon and we won’t be able to have this relaxed approach to our morning schedule forever. Georgie starts five mornings a week at playgroup in September and we are going to have to be out the door before 9 every morning. No more lie ins for our lazy bum little girl! It’s not even like she goes to bed late these days either, she just likes to sleep about 13 or 14 hours if she can get away with it!

I think we will have to start to get our household into a more structured morning routine in August so that we are prepared. Has anyone got any tips that might help?

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  1. Loved your photos and sounds like you have a keeper in your OH. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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