Octonauts Octo-Glow Explorers at the Sea Life Centre

Disclosure: We have been given annual passes for the National Sea Life Centre for the purpose of this post.

We were delighted to be invited to be a blogger ambassador for another year, for the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. The girls really enjoy visiting the centre, and they always manage to find something new to exclaim over, as well as revisiting “old friends” each time we go. Georgie likes to check on “her” zebra shark Zebedee, and Lydia has a soft spot for Molokai, the giant sea turtle.

Sea Life Centre

Situated in Brindley Place, the Sea Life Centre is easy to get to from Birmingham City Centre, with easy parking at the Barclaycard Arena just across the canal. This summer they have the Octonauts visiting for an Octo-Glow Explorers adventure, so we went along to take a look!

Sea Life Centre - Penguins

The first thing you see at the Sea Life Centre is the penguins, where you can see them both above and below the water. There are usually at least a few swimming about, which is wonderful to watch. Right now they have a baby Gentoo penguin – their first! – and you can just about see it in the back of their enclosure. It is very cute.

Baby Penguin at Sea Life Centre

ClownfishSea Life Centre

There is so much to see at the Sea Life Centre and the girls always spend ages visiting the clownfish and sharks. Around halfway through the centre, they have a small room which is used for events and so on, and this is full of Octonauts fun.

Shellington’s Octo-Glow Lab has five different sea themed “experiments” to do, with a sheet & stickers for each child to use to record the completion of each one. Show the completed sheet to the staff manning the gift shop on your way out to get a special Octonauts pop badge!

Sea Life Centre

Sea Life Centre

At the 4D cinema they are showing a short Octonauts cartoon, following them on an adventure down the Amazon. The girls loved this and it came with extra effects like bubbles and water squirting at you… even smell-o-vision!

Sea Life Centre

Sea Life Centre

Sea Life Centre

Near the end of our walk through the centre we were able to meet an Octonaut! The girls gave Peso a hug, and had their photo taken too. Each of them got another Octonauts pop badge when we went to the photo purchase point to take a look at their picture with Peso, too.

Sea Life Centre

The Octonauts Octo-Glow Explorers is on until 13th August, included in the entry price for the centre, so why not go along and check it out? It is advised to pre-book to guarantee entry – and you can save some cash by booking online too.

Sea Life Octonauts Octo-Glow Explorers

Sea Life Ambassador

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