Packing my hospital bag

I finally got around to packing my hospital bag this weekend, after consulting the many different lists that populate the internet, and asking advice on twitter too. The reason I asked for help (after all, I have packed a hospital bag before) was because of the fact I’m likely to be having a scheduled C-section some time in the next two weeks (eep!), and so I wanted to know whether I needed to pack anything specific when packing a hospital bag for a C-section.

Hospital bag all packed

I decided to plan for a stay of about 3 days in hospital, as well as including all the typical stuff. Here is what I ended up with…

  • Wash bag, containing…
    • Roll-on deodorant
    • Dry shampoo – with thick hair down to my bum I don’t fancy trying to wash it at the hospital! Dry shampoo is a lifesaver in situations like this!
    • Lansinoh lanolin
    • Sudocrem skin care cream – for my eczema, which is flaring up in this weather, and doesn’t tend to like hospital wards
    • Toothbrush & toothpaste
    • Hairbrush & hairbands
    • Disposable razor
    • Hypoallergenic plasters – I’m a bit of a klutz and am allergic to normal plaster glue so usually have some of these in my wash bag as standard
    • Travel pack of Wet Ones – these zingy wipes are more refreshing for face wiping than normal wet wipes
    • Olbas inhaler – I’ve been a bit congested lately and this works wonders
    • Nivea lip balm – with pearly shine too, so I look all pretty for the photos! 😛
    • Nivea moisturiser
    • Bonjela – another wash bag standard for me – when I’m really tired I am prone to mouth ulcers, especially when I’m a bit anaemic like at the moment
    • Dove shower gel – so I don’t smell
    • Anti-bacterial gel – always useful when in hospital
  • Stuff for me (and James!)…
    • Maternity notes
    • Camera – James will be looking after my new Samsung NX1000 & taking it home with him but I don’t want to forget to take it for the first photos!
    • Purse
    • Puzzle book, notebook & pens – to keep myself amused, we could be waiting around a lot before and after the birth!
    • My croc flip flops – I prefer these to normal slippers or toe post flip flops, as I can wear them to the bathroom without worrying about them getting wet, and these can be worn with socks.
    • iPhone
    • iPad – brilliant for everything from games or movies while we’re waiting around, to blogging about my our arrival!
    • Kindle Paperwhite – fantastic for reading at all hours (and during those long cluster feeds!)
    • OxPwr Two – for keeping all my gadgets charged, without breaking the no mobile chargers rule! Read my review of this & the 3-in-1 cable I’m taking to use with it.
    • A couple of drinks – to refresh/energise!
    • Packet of jelly sweets – for a quick energy boost when needed (and to satisfy any sugar cravings I might have!)
    • Wet wipes
    • Maternity towels
    • Breast pads
    • Towel – not pictured cos they’re all in the wash!
  • Clothes…
    • A couple of pairs of pj bottoms
    • A couple of pairs of comfy joggers
    • Variety of maternity/comfortable tops
    • Lightweight dressing gown
    • Cheapo big knickers – I’ve bought these in a size bigger than normal to make them even comfier 🙂
    • Socks
    • Nursing bra
  • And of course, stuff for the new baby…
    • Portable changing mat & wet bag
    • Stack of muslin cloths – useful for breastfeeding, nappy changing, to use as thin blankets, and so much more
    • Bibs – in case I get a dribbler!
    • WaterWipes – newborn friendly wipes for nappy changing. I’ll use cotton wool and water at home for the first 6 weeks but these are easier for when you’re on the go. They can be ordered online, but we picked these ones up at our local Kiddicare.
    • Nappy bags
    • Cotton wool pads – half a pack, just in case I need them
    • 1 pack of size 1 nappies – we’ve bought pampers for now as that’s what we preferred with Georgie when she was tiny.
    • Blanket this one is from Frugi and is absolutely gorgeous! I got this in a goody bag from Kiddicare and have been saving it to use for the new baby.
    • Sleepsuits
    • Vests
    • Cardigan
    • Hat

Well there it is… my comprehensive list of what you need to take in your hospital bag.

I’ve also packed a ‘going home’ outfit for the baby this time around… We didn’t really bother with this for Georgie (other than a warm snowsuit for heading outside!) but when we saw this outfit in the Next sale after Christmas we couldn’t resist. The snowsuit is quite bulky so will be staying with the car seat in the car, but I’ve tucked the top & trousers into my Pink Lining changing bag with the other baby clothes ready to bring my baby home!

It all seems so much more real now I have the bags packed! Next up, we need to decide on a definite shortlist of names. We had Georgiana Alice picked out from about 5 months last time around but this time we still don’t know what we’re going to call him/her. It can’t be Squidge forever!

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  1. A very comprehensive list. Might be worth having another little bag at home to be brought in if you need to stay any longer. I ended up spending 5 nights after the birth in hospital because my baby needed antibiotics.

    1. I did consider that but figured that as my mum will be staying a few days she & my husband will be able to find everything I need if I need to have more stuff

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