Review: 4 in 1 Trunki Travel ToyBox

Product: 4 in 1 Trunki Travel ToyBox

Price: £20.00

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: Make tidying fun for tots with the 4 in 1 Trunki Travel Toy Box; the world’s first ride-on, push-around, travelling toy box! Take toys and games with you wherever you go; simply lift off the lid, stash the toys and away you go. With the lid on, turn the whole thing over and it ís a ride-on toy box! It also doubles up as a rocking cradle to help Ted get a well earned rest and if you own more than one toy box clip them together to make a Trunki train! Lightweight, durable and fun, with generous space inside, the perfect solution for toys at home and on the move.

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Georgie in the Trunki ToyBox

Review: We bought the Trunki ToyBox last weekend after Georgie started chewing & just generally destroying the boxes we were using to keep toys in downstairs, and so far it has been a great success.

In our house we are trying to keep our living room a relatively baby free zone once Georgie has gone to bed. If I have the energy to tidy up, her toys are collected up and popped into a box for the night, and the colourful material on the floor is pulled up & folded, revealing our “grown up” rug underneath. Bigger toys like her Galt dino and her Vtech walker are thrown into the travel cot which is tucked away in the back corner of the room.. and then we can relax in an adult environment for a bit before falling into bed. We usually use this “grown up time” to watch some TV… or play games on the Playstation!

Investigating her chew-proof box full of toys!

This plan has been working well for a few months now, and I love the fact that if I want to, I can transform at least one room in the house into an adult place to be without too much effort – it’s really handy to be able to de-baby the living room quickly when friends or family come visiting as well. The only rooms that are fairly untouched by Georgie’s presence in the house are the spare room and our bedroom, but we don’t tend to spend much time in either room during the day, as we prefer to relax in the living room (because, let’s face it, that’s where the bigger TV is).

I am really pleased with the box itself – it seems to be well made and sturdy enough to put up with years of abuse from Georgie & any subsequent siblings she may have! It is fabulously fun looking & very colourful (and I love the blue colour they do as well – I think we may end up with a second box in blue just so we can make a train!) and, unlike other plastic boxes you can get with clip on lids, none of the hinges or clips feel like they are going to snap anytime soon. The handle on the lid is really useful for carting the box up & down the stairs to refresh the contents – and I can already tell it will be great for taking toys with us whenever we go away on holiday.

Georgie loves sitting on the Trunki!

The box is really ingeniously designed; you wouldn’t think that one box could have so many different uses but it really does make a great ride on toy as well as quite a fun rocking cradle for teddy bears. Our Pudsey bear has had a rock in it – and so has Georgie! It has loads of space in it and can hold quite a lot of toys, meaning that my little scamp can make the living room go from tidy to massively messy in as little as 60 seconds just by tipping it over and scattering the contents!

I would have liked for the box to have a towing strap on, like the suitcases Trunki make, to pull Georgie along when she is on it – instead we have to pull it along by the base as she is not big enough to push it with her legs yet. She does love riding on it though, and in it for that matter!

Kneeling up to get a better look in the box 🙂

I can see how the Trunki Toybox has the ability to making “tidying fun” with a toddler – the fact you can roll it around on top of the lid and fill it as you go is great, and then once it’s full just pop the lid on, flip it over and ride it around the house! This works even better when there is more than one box and you have a train – as you could get your kid to ride the first box in ride on mode, with a second box attached behind sitting on top of it’s lid – like a train engine and an empty carriage.

Also, I think Trunki folks should get extra points for having this awesome trailer…

4 out of 5 stars for a fab product… Now I just need to convince James to let me buy that suitcase I’ve been hankering over before we go on our many trips this year!