Review: Bigjigs Toys Farm House Sorter

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Bigjigs Toys to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Bigjigs ToysProduct: Bigjigs Toys Farm House Sorter

Price: £19.99

Age Range: 1 year +

Manufacturer’s Description: Learn about farm life with this charming wooden farmhouse sorter. The horse, hen, sheep, duck, goose, cow and cat all have their corresponding words on the back, so your child will have fun learning the animals as well as being able to recognise shapes and colours.

Rating:  (5/5 stars)

Bigjigs Toys Farm House Sorter

Review: We have been sent the Bigjigs Toys Farm House Sorter to review as part of our application to become Play Patrol agents. Bigjigs Toys are looking for 5 families to join their blogger programme, and help them test & review their toys in fun creative ways. All we were told when the final 12 Play Patrol hopefuls were announced was to keep an eye out for the postman, so we were very intrigued to see what would arrive!

My first impressions when I opened the parcel were definitely very positive; there was an exciting envelope marked TOP SECRET, and the packaging was thankfully what I call “frustration free”. The wooden figures were well wrapped up for protection, but easy enough to unwrap.

As you can see, Georgie couldn’t wait to get her hands on it…

The farm house is fun to look at and very attractive; brightly coloured with fun striped ends that remind me of a beach hut. The roof comes off to make it easy to get at the figures stored inside, and there are cut-outs in the roof to allow access to the carry handle in the top.

There are 8 animals included with the farm house, and a tree. Each wooden figure has its name written on the back, which is great for older kids who are learning to read. The animals that you get with the farm house are: horse, cow, pig, sheep, cat, goose, chicken & duck. They are all easily recognisable, and you can stand them all up on their feet. Strangely, I can’t say the same about the tree! The bottom of the tree trunk is quite rounded and it is very difficult to balance it standing up. Georgie pretty much finds it impossible, which leads to her getting a little frustrated.

The farm house itself seems very well made, and the child friendly paints, stains & lacquers used mean that you don’t have to worry if your toddler gives it an experimental chew. We really like wooden toys in this house, and this one is no exception – it feels great to play with and will last for years. There is nothing quite like a good quality & well constructed wooden toy, and no plastic junk toy will ever feel as good in your hand as one of these wooden animals.

I love the fact that this toy can be used for several different educational purposes; as well as your little one learning to recognise the different animals, they can also learn how their names are spelt, and about colours & counting too.

Georgie has really enjoyed playing with the farm house, and in addition to playing with it with either myself or James, she has gone back to it on her own over & over to play with it independently since it arrived.

As well as using it for its main intended purpose, i.e. taking them out through the roof and putting them back in through their holes, Georgie enjoys telling us what the various animals are called, setting them out on the table like a little farmyard, and throwing them around to see how well they bounce! She is a toddler, after all… the farm house and wooden figures have all certainly passed the “can they withstand an enthusiastic toddler throwing them around the room excitedly” test!

Shape sorters are great toys to own as they improve your child’s dexterity & hand-eye coordination, and this one is no exception. Georgie has mastered slotting in all but the trickiest animals already, and it’s great to watch her figure out when she needs to twist or realign the animal to slide it through the hole – it’s a great problem-solving toy. She finds the sorter challenging, but not so much that it becomes overly frustrating to play with.

Georgie is rapidly learning where each animal goes, and turns the house around to find the right slot, before either popping it in herself, or handing it to James or I and imperiously pointing at the correct hole so that we can do all the heavy lifting for her!

The farm house sorter is definitely more appealing to Georgie than her regular run-of-the-mill plastic shape sorter that she’s had for about a year. New toy novelty value aside, I think that she is attracted to the animals as they are more interesting to play with than plain shapes.

It’s been lovely to see her learn the various animal names that are new to her too; at the moment Georgie seems to be learning new words every day and since we received the sorter she has added “horse”, “goose” and “chicken” to her vocabulary. Ok, so she might not be pronouncing them exactly right yet, with the last two letters of each name noticeably absent, but she has definitely got them figured out. She had already been very proudly informing us that there is a duck, cow, cat & pig already, so we only have tree & sheep left to learn!

In this video you can see just how much Georgie enjoys playing with & naming the different animals…

5 stars for a great quality wooden toy that is worth every penny of its £19.99 price tag.

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  1. Georgie is just lovely, looks like the farm sorter is going to a favourite for some time x

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