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Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Box Upon a Time to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info page, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

BoxUponaTimeProduct: Box Upon a Time

Price: £29, £49 or £69 per month.

Age Range: 0-3 years

Manufacturer’s Description: Box Upon a Time is an innovative subscription box service offering parents a brand new personal shopping experience. This unique concept allows parents of children aged 0-3 to receive a monthly or quarterly box of stylish clothing tailored specifically for their child which has been hand-picked by an experienced personal stylist and delivered direct to their door. Not only does each box contain the best premium childrenswear brands from across the globe but subscribers also make a saving of up to 60% off the retail value of the clothing.

Rating: (4/5 stars)


Review: I really like subscription boxes and there seem to be loads popping up in every possible area right now. Box Upon a Time is a subscription service for children’s clothing, for babies and toddlers. The basic premise is that you fill out a well designed questionnaire to let them know your tastes and your child’s sizing, pay a monthly fee, and in return you get a mystery box each month with a variety of clothes for your child.

Box Upon a Time

They promise that the retail value of the clothing inside the box is more than you pay, and you can get up to 60% off depending on which box you get. There are three levels; silver, gold and platinum. In addition to a monthly box service you can also sign up to receive these boxes quarterly which might be a good option as a gift for a special child in your life (ideal for godparents or grandparents) or if you don’t have quite enough disposable income to treat your child to a monthly designer clothes delivery.

We were sent a gold box for Lydia which would have cost £49 if we were signed up to the service. The gold box offers 3 to 4 garments worth £80-£120, with up to 60% off retail prices. I was really excited to see what we got!

The box itself is attractive with the company logo on the outer and tissue paper protecting the clothes inside. A card tells you who packed your box, and a box summary sheet tells you more about the brands and the value of the items. 


Our box had three items from Point à la Ligne, a french brand which “offers chic, modern and well priced clothing collections that can be worn by children every day.” We got a beautiful cat blouse, matching cardigan, and a denim skirt.


The blouse (£35 RRP) has a lovely shape to it, is made of a beautiful lightweight fabric printed with navy cats, and has a bow in the front. The cardigan (£48 RRP) is lovely shade of orange embroidered with a cat to match the blouse. The skirt (£48 RRP) has a diamond pattern with a brown belt and button detailing.

We did have a few slight issues with the odd loose thread and the waist button popped off the skirt under strain, so the finish on the items wasn’t quite as great as I would expect. The total RRP of the three items is £131, which is a bit higher than the estimated value of gold boxes of £80 to £120, so I probably wouldn’t expect to have quite as expensive items in future boxes. 




It’s a really sweet outfit that looks great on Lydia and was perfect for our special outing to watch Disney on Ice. The fit is good and we will definitely get a fair amount of use from the outfit, although the blouse is quite lightweight for the time of year.

Overall I was very pleased with the box; I really enjoyed the excitement and anticipation of waiting for the box to arrive and opening it up – a huge part of the subscription box appeal. The clothes inside were really beautiful and Lydia looks adorable in her outfit, and found it comfortable to wear. The monthly cost of this service would be a bit high for us, but I would definitely consider the quarterly subscription as a treat, and if our disposable income was higher I would definitely be tempted to sign up to this box.

We give the Box Upon a Time subscription clothing box 4 stars.

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! I like the idea of these but do you get the option to change the clothes?! I know they use personal stylists but choosing clothes is such a personal taste thing, so I’d hate to splash out that much on a box and not like the outfit inside :/

  2. I think all of those clothes are gorgeous, butI still don’t get the idea of subscribing to receive random stuff.

    1. There is something really exciting about opening a box and not knowing what is hidden inside, like a mystery present – it’s the big kid in me I guess!

  3. I love subscription boxes , I have tried a few in the past but never this one. I have seen them advertised but was never really sure if they would be any good if I am honest. But after seeing your items I am impressed , the little outfit is adorable. Although with three children I probably would not be able to afford them as I would not know which child to buy it for. x #TriedTested

  4. This looks like a nice subscription box, and like you say there are a lot of them around!! Beautiful photos :)x

  5. These clothes are beautiful! I love this idea but this subscription price is too expensive for me, I’m afraid. #TriedTested

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