Review: Brio Builder Deluxe Set

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Product: Brio Builder Deluxe Set

Price: £85

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Let’s build your wildest dreams today with the builder deluxe set! A strange animal or a robot that just landed on planet Earth. The sky’s the limit with this BRIO construction set. Includes a big selection of wooden and plastic components and four different tools for free play. Also includes eye graphics to enable character play.

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Review: Both my girls love to build and create things, so this Brio Deluxe Builder Set full of wooden and plastic building components and child sized tools was perfect for them to get creative with.

The contents of the box are well packaged, protected by cardboard and then individually packed in bags – it took a while to get everything opened. The sturdy tub is a good size and the lid clips securely in place so it can be moved around without fear of the contents spilling out.

Inside the box you get 270 pieces, including both plastic and wooden blocks and ‘planks’ of various shapes and sizes, all with holes for the various types of fixings to go into. You also get plastic nuts and bolts, plastic tubing and washers, a hook and reel, along with other smaller bits and pieces that can be put together to create all manner of things. You also get an “Inspiration Booklet” with five different ideas of things you can create with the set.

All of the parts and tools fit easily into the tub with room for you to expand your collection, or store half-built creations safely inside.

Lydia really loved the small tools that came with the set; you get two screwdrivers, two spanners, two plier type things for removing the plastic peg connectors, and a sturdy little hammer that she really enjoyed bashing things with! All of the plastic tools, the tub, and the plastic building components are all made from high quality plastic – they don’t feel at all flimsy or cheap and I don’t worry at all about the girls breaking them by accident, unlike with cheaper plastic toys.

The Inspiration Booklet shows you how to use each type of tool and component, and also includes five different ideas of things to build, including various bugs/creatures, a car, and a crane. One thing I liked about this is when we tried to build the pictured creations ourselves we had to work out how they went together instead of blindly following steps – it was some fun puzzle solving for us all.

The other great thing is unlike some sets I’ve come across you can actually build all five ideas at once with the pieces in the set – Lydia and I did this and had great fun piecing all the components together.

As you can see Lydia really enjoyed using the tools and they were the perfect size for her little hands… I think when we are finished with this set the school could make good use of it in the Reception class, as she seems to be at the ideal stage for it right now. It’s a great way to get children familiar with the basic sorts of tools that I keep in my own DIY toolset for doing things around the home.

Of course, the set is also great for free play and the only limit is your child’s imagination! Georgie was particularly proud of this ‘robot’ she made which even had its own charging block & cable to power him up.

Overall I think this set is really fun and perfect for creative kids – especially ones who aren’t quite old enough for the more complex building sets that are out there, but are past the stage of basic toddler building blocks. It definitely fills the gap in between those two stages and I think our girls will enjoy it for a few years yet before we donate it to someone younger.

My only hesitation is the RRP of the set, which I do feel is a little high… luckily you can buy it online much cheaper which does make it better value! They have a great range of sets in different sizes, too. We give the Brio Builder Deluxe Set 4 stars.

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