Review: Fisher-Price Rainbow Dazzle Minnie

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my disclaimer, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Fisher-PriceProduct: Fisher-Price Rainbow Dazzle Minnie

Price: £24.99

Age Range: 2 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: 10-inch Minnie Doll with a magical light-up outfit that changes colour when you press one of 3 magic-touch activation points. Magical fashion is at the tip of your finger with Rainbow Dazzle Minnie! Press the heart on Minnie’s hand to activate the magical light-up feature and design Minnie’s outfit with the colours of the rainbow. Simply touch Minnie’s bow, skirt or blouse to make them magically change colour with rainbow lights. Minnie will prompt you to change her outfit with fun fashion phrases as you create over 200 colour design combinations. Press the heart on Minnie’s hand again to lock the design and hear Minnie sing a super cute version of the classic hit song, “True colours.”

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Rainbow Dazzle Minnie

Review: This light up musical Minnie Mouse toy has been an instant hit with Lydia, who adores Minnie Mouse. It is really rather neat, with different parts of Minnie’s dress & her bow changing colour when touched. The idea is you design Minnie’s outfit by choosing the colours of her bow, top & skirt. 

Rainbow Dazzle Minnie Mouse

You activate Minnie by pressing the heart button on her glove. Minnie greets you, then tells you to touch her skirt, top & bow to change their colour. As you touch them, they light up different colours, cycling through quite a few colour options. Once you are happy with all three colour choices, you press her glove again, and Minnie sings the True Colours song while flashing different colours, and then switches to the outfit you chose and comments on it.

If you choose all three to be the same colour, Minnie knows this and comments on it. As you touch her and change the colour, Minnie speaks the name of the colour out loud – this is great for toddlers who are still learning their colours! When not lit up, Minnie’s dress is a sort of pearlescent light pink, which is quite attractive – so she still looks good even when off.

Occasionally Minnie won’t detect a really light touch, but other than that it has worked really well. She has plenty of phrases to say so she isn’t too predictable or boring.

Minnie comes with a “magic camera”, which handily clips onto her wrist. When you look through the camera “lens” it distorts your view of Minnie which looks great when her clothes are lit up, especially when she is singing and the colours are changing.

So what are the downsides? Well, Minnie doesn’t have an off switch, so you can’t turn her off without unscrewing the battery compartment and removing the batteries (she needs 3 x AAA to operate – which come included). The True Colours song is a bit catchy & gets stuck in your head sometimes, which can be a touch annoying if they play it for a prolonged period of time. But that’s about it. Other than those niggles, she has been great.

Rainbow Dazzle Minnie Mouse

I think the price is about right for a Disney branded Fisher-Price toy – you are getting a character toy (and a much beloved character at that), alongside the quality & reliability of the Fisher-Price brand. Some toys feel cheap in the hand, but this isn’t one of them – she is solid & well made, not at all flimsy.

5 stars for this fun toy, which Lydia absolutely adores!