Review: Galt Activity Dino

Galt Activity Dino

Product: Galt Activity Dino*

Price: £19.99

Age Range: 3 months +

Manufacturer’s Description: A young baby will be attracted to the Dino’s friendly face, bright colours and high contrast patterns. As baby develops, there are textures and sounds to explore on Dino’s feely back and a fun dinosaur roar in his horn. For a toddler, Dino will be a familiar friend to lean against during play. Soft, safe and machine washable. Length: 72 cm (28″), height 20 cm (8″).

Rating:      (4/5 stars)

Review: My sister gave us a Galt Activity Dino* when Georgie was born, and it came very highly recommended by her daughter Izzy, who is about 8 months older than her little cousin Georgie!

Sitting using the dino

As Georgie can’t sit up very well on her own yet, so far we have been using it in the above position – with Georgie being propped up in the curve of the U shape cushion. She loves to sit back & relax, play with her toys and she stares at the different texture & colour parts of the dino with fascination! She has started to reach out to grab the different padded spikes, which make different noises when you play with them, and she seems to really enjoy the different colours and patterns on the spots.

I can see the Dino continuing to be a hit as she grows older – the nose makes the most adorable dinosaur roar which never fails to give her a huge smile – I have a feeling that when she learns to squeeze it herself we will be hearing it roar a LOT. It is super comfy for Georgie to sprawl all over as she learns how to sit up on her own and the different fabrics are really nice – 4 stars!