Review: Henry Hugglemonster Henry Roarback

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Golden Bear Toys to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Golden Bear ToysProduct: Henry Hugglemonster Henry Roarback

Price: £39.99

Age Range: 10 months +

Manufacturer’s Description: Practice your loudest ROAR with Henry Hugglemonster! This interactive soft toy in the recognisable character of Henry Hugglemonster copies your every word…you can even practice your loudest ROAR! Simply press Henry’s right hand to start the Roar back feature; Henry’s nose will flash to indicate the recording mode is in progress. Choose something to say or ROAR as load as you can then listen in amazement as Henry repeats them back in his own voice! Henry Hugglemonster Roar Back plush also includes familiar phrases from the show which can be activated by pressing Henry’s left hand.

Henry Hugglemonster

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Henry Hugglemonster Henry Roarback

Review: It was love at first cuddle with Henry Hugglemonster and my two girls… Georgie was so impatient for me to remove him from his box, she was squeezing his hand and listening to what he had to say, before I could get the sellotape off. 

We’ve not watched a lot of the Henry Hugglemonster cartoon, but it seems funny and entertaining. Georgie really enjoys it and the soft toy representation of the character is done very well – he look just like his cartoon counterpart. He is very hugglesome despite having electronics inside – not all talking toys are good to cuddle so that was great to see, as Lydia does like to cuddle toys a lot.

The toy uses 3 AA batteries that are included, and you open up a velcro compartment in his back to turn him on & off and replace the batteries (you’ll need a screwdriver). The packaging is fairly easy to get into although you will need a pair of scissors for the cable tie.

If you squeeze Henry’s left hand he says one of a number of phrases, all recognisable from the TV show and actually not annoying, unlike some talking toys! Lydia loves making him say things and joins in with his roars.

If you squeeze his right hand, he listens to what you say and then repeats it back to you slightly distorted so the voice is changed. I like the fact that you only have to squeeze once to turn this feature on, and then again to turn it off – rather than hold it down the entire time you are talking to him. His nose glows red to let you know the feature is on. The girls both adore this feature and spend ages laughing, roaring, and chatting to Henry.

Georgie went through an entire make-believe bedtime routine with Henry, pretending to give him a bath, tucking him in for a nap and reading him a story. She had his voice repeat mode on the whole time and they were chattering away together throughout. Super cute!

I was going to knock off a star on this toy, thanks to the £39.99 price tag being a little steep for my liking, but in this I have been overruled by my three year old who insists that her Hugglemonster should get “one-two-three-four-FIVE STARS!!!” The talkback features, synchronised mouth movements and pre-programmed phrases, together with the cuddle-ability and cuteness of this toy all contribute to it being really quite fabulous, so I won’t argue with my bossy madam on the score on this occasion.

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