Review: Hey Duggee – Cheer Up, Pup!

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Product: Hey Duggee – Cheer Up, Pup!

Price: £6.99

Age Range: 3-5 years

Manufacturer’s Description: Meet Duggee, a big dog with a big job – he runs the Squirrel Club! Every day he is joined by a group of fun-loving little critters who hope to collect their next Squirrel Club badge. In this adorable picture book, Duggee’s nephew, Duggly, is paying the Squirrels a visit. Having a puppy around is great fun, but it’s not always easy!

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Cheer Up Pup

Review: Cheer Up, Pup is a lovely picture book published by Ladybird, telling the story of the Squirrel Club earning their Puppy Badge by helping to look after Duggee’s nephew, Duggly.

Hey Duggee picture book

The book is done very well in the style of the show, with bright colourful illustrations and almost all of the beloved characters making an appearance. Each of the Squirrels is introduced in the beginning of the book, which is a nice touch.

Hey Duggee Cheer Up Pup picture book

Hey Duggee Cheer Up Pup picture book

During their adventures, the Squirrels play with Duggly – and he, in typical baby fashion, is too rough with their toys and also with Enid the cat. Georgie & Lydia find the inevitable “Oh dear? Duggly’s made a smell!” bit hilarious, as Duggee swoops in & changes his nappy.

Duggly's made a smell!

A runaway cat found and a tantrum resolved, and the story ends with the Squirrels getting their Puppy Badge & a great big Duggee Hug. At the end of the book there are some challenges for the kids and a Puppy Badge certificate page you can fill in with their name, which is a nice inclusion.

Puppy Badge challenger

Pulling funny faces like the squirrels
Pulling funny faces like the squirrels

Puppy Badge

Both Georgie and Lydia really enjoyed this book and it is fun to read. We give this 5 stars.

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