Our living room makeover

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog the last week or so, sorry about that! I’ve been busy working – and then we have been really busy decorating the living room as soon as my project was wrapped up.

We are definitely DIY people. We can’t afford to be otherwise – our home improvement budget certainly doesn’t stretch to “getting a man in”… although I must admit after hours of filling, sanding & washing the walls to prepare them to paint I sort of wished it did. Realistically, it just about stretches to the materials and tools needed to get the job done ourselves, and we can only do a few rooms a year.



Georgie decided to help out a bit earlier 😂

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Last year, we did the girls’ bedroom – which they still love – and this year, our projects are the living room and both the bathroom upstairs & the downstairs toilet (although we can’t stretch to a new bathroom suite – just a makeover of what’s there!).


Proud of their contribution! Now time for me to paint over it… This bit is behind our tv unit 😀

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Some painting fun

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After years of renting now we finally own a place I am on a mission to get rid of anything magnolia – and the living room was a grubby magnolia box… The woodwork, ceiling and walls were all the same colour and it was just depressing! We decided that since the red carpet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, we’d choose a wall colour to complement it rather than fight with it. It took a while to settle on a colour but eventually we opted for Wilko’s own brand paint, and a colour called “Pink Harmony”.

Living Room

We opted for durable paint and it was clearly a good decision as the paint has only been on the walls a few days and Georgie already accidentally drew on the wall next to their table! It wiped right off without leaving a mark – phew.

James and I spent an afternoon/evening shifting furniture & stuff to be able to access the walls, a day on the wall & wood preparation, a day painting the woodwork and ceiling (Dulux White Cotton), and then a day painting the walls. Finally, a day or two touching bits up, putting the room back together, and so on.

Living Room

James mounted the TV to the entertainment unit while it was away from the wall, and we also reorganised the electronics to free up a socket next to the swivel chair which is useful when I’m sat there and want to plug something in. He also switched out that socket for one with two USB sockets built in which is already proving to be super handy for giving tablets and phones a power boost.

A trip to IKEA meant some new furniture for the room, too. A bigger table for our growing girls and a third 2 by 2 Kallas unit, plus a complete new set of Drona boxes to store away all the girls toys, puzzles, games, craft materials, and so on.

Living room

I’ve deep cleaned the rug to refresh that, and just this evening completed a finishing touch of replacing the cheap temporary plastic drawers unit in my photos above with a wooden unit with canvas drawers. A bit of sawing and sanding was needed to make it a bit shorter as I didn’t like it being taller than the Kallax unit it stands next to!

Living room drawers

Our living room has to fulfil a lot of uses. It is the girls’ playroom and also where they eat their lunch and often their breakfast, too. One corner of the room is my office area for me to do my work and blogging. Plus of course it is where James and I wind down after the kids are in bed, and where we all sit to watch TV or play games. It is definitely a multi-function room, with a lot of stuff in it – and it’s not a huge room.

What do you think of the new colour? I love it – it feels fresh, clean and calming. Also, I’m absolutely ecstatic that the ceiling is a different colour to the walls!

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17 thoughts on “Our living room makeover

    1. Thanks – I love it! We spent a lot of time looking for a pink that wasn’t too baby pink or barbie pink but matched the colour I had in my head for it, and it is so perfect.

  1. It’s hard work decorating isn’t it! I’m the main decorator in my house and I’m so glad I finished the whole of the downstairs before I got ill. I love your pink room, I’d have gone for pink myself but I have to go with the input of everyone else in the house, and that’s often very different to my likings. My living room is very much a multi purpose room too, I do love your cupboards with so much storage. I really need something like that. I really love your rug too 🙂

    1. It is definitely hard work! It is very intense too, especially when you need to get a lot done before you run out of time!

      Luckily all four of us are pleased with the colour so I get away with the choice of pink! Almost all of the girls toys are stored in this room so it has to have a tonne of storage – and I do like being able to put it all away so we can relax without toys visible everywhere!

    1. Thanks Ruth. I always helped Dad out with DIY as I was growing up so I’ve always been fairly handy with it, and it is very useful to be able to tackle projects like this on our own. We do still call up my Dad for advice on things though!

    1. Thanks Kim! I was determined that now we own a home and we could actually have colour on the walls that I wasn’t going to settle for anything too neutral!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I’m still in love with it a week or two later so that’s good.

      We’ve been really impressed by the Wilko paint, it went on so nicely and everything only needed two coats. We used Dulux for the downstairs toilet and it was awful in comparison!

  2. I love the colour of your walls. I’d have pink walls throughout given the option (sadly not). It’s great to discover that your paint is wipeable and you don’t have to keep doing touch ups where little hands have left their mark! #bloggerhomes

    1. Thank you! I am really enjoying the new colour, it makes the room feel so much more welcoming & cosy.

      The paint is great, I nearly flipped when they drew on the wall by accident so when it wiped off easily I was so relieved!

  3. I love all of the colours. we’re fans of brights over monochrome any day. This room makes me smile – gorgeous x #bloggershomes

  4. I know what you mean about magnolia walls and ceilings. Every room in our house was like that and now we’ve decorated all but 1 room I’m amazed at the difference a white ceiling makes!

    Well done you for making your house a home. I love the colours for a family space and that rug came up like new! Plenty storage too.

    Thanks for linking up #bloggerhomes

  5. Looks great – and love the fact that you have the children involved. I hope to do lots of that. I love painting! Hoping you feel that great sense of satisfaction from doing it all yourselves x

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