I Am Bear… and I am Bare!

Disclosure: We were sent an I Am Bear goody bag for the purpose of this post.

Today I am taking part in a very special “Bear Book Blog Tour” (try saying that 5 times fast!) to celebrate the wickedly hilarious new picture book from Walker Books; I Am Bear

The book is written by none other than Ben Bailey Smith – otherwise known as the actor, comedian & musician Doc Brown. Now this very funny man seems to be adding another feather to his cap; children’s author. I first came across Ben on Russell Howard’s Good News and remember thinking he was hilarious, with an excellent way with words.

I Am Bear

The illustration for I Am Bear is done by Sav Akyüz – and the kids love it! The bear is bright purple, and the whole book is fun and colourful with a very distinctive style. The first few pages alone will probably give you an good idea of the style and humour of the book…

I Am Bear

And I am bare

The girls think it is so funny! I Am Bear has a wacky sense of humour all the way through, with silly wordplay and a remarkable amount of amusement in what is really very few words. Bear is cheeky, really naughty, but somehow incredibly likeable despite his sins.

A music video has been released, with Ben rapping the words accompanied by the illustrations, and it is really amusing to watch. I don’t think I’m up for rapping the book myself, but I got Georgie & Lydia giggling away by reading it in silly voices in our house instead.

Now, as you can tell from the video, Bear loves doughnuts. Obviously, so do all of our little family (who doesn’t?) – so we were delighted when Walker Books sent us a gift card for Krispy Kreme along with some fun puzzles for the kids to do, some stickers, a poster, and a copy of the book.

I Am Bear goody bag

I Am Bear

The girls both had great fun reading the book together, eating doughnuts, and doing the puzzles together! Activity sheets are a brilliant way to continue the discussion around books and also sneak in a bit of learning – Georgie is able to read short words now so she was pairing the rhyming words up with only a little help.

You can download a copy of the activity sheets the girls enjoyed so much here.

Over on the Walker Books blog they are running a competition for goody bags similar to ours, including a gift card for doughnuts – be sure to check it out!

We give I Am Bear (5/5 stars)