Review: Lindam Jump About

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Lindam to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

LindamProduct: Lindam Jump About

Price: £19.50*

Age Range: Suitable for a child that can fully support its own head and up to a maximum weight of 12kg (26.46lbs).

Manufacturer’s Description: The Lindam Jump About™ is as much fun for parents to watch as it is for children to use. It has been designed to fit securely onto an internal door frame using a mechanism tested to 1 million bounces. The washable saddle is height adjustable, supportive and padded for extra comfort.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Lindam Jump About

Review: We were sent the Jump About to review before Lydia was born and have been waiting impatiently for her to be old enough to use it ever since she was born. Finally, in the last few weeks she has finally both been able to control her head well, and reach the ground with her feet!

In the box you get the bouncer, all in one piece, with no need to put it together or anything. Just a few cable clips to cut through and an instruction sheet to read, and you’re ready to go. I love easy packaging like this.

The bouncer is able to hang from the top of most doorways, by clipping over the top of the door frame. It’s very simple to use, just pop your baby into the harness whilst on your lap then clip it onto the crossbar hanging from the frame, using the handy bobbins. You just hang the straps over the bobbins, then slide them down under the clips to secure your little bouncy baby into place.

The harness secures around your baby with both velcro fastenings and a plastic clip for double security. These fastenings are on the back of the harness, so your baby cannot reach them to get them undone. Keep an eye on your toddler though, if you have one, they might just decide to investigate the clip on their siblings’ back (cue shouts of “Georgie, NO! Leave that alone”)!

We “brought the floor closer” and provided a soft surface for Lydia to bounce about on by laying a blanket and the mat from her play gym underneath her feet. Our floor, being a smooth laminate, is quite slippy so we wanted to make sure that Lydie could get some purchase with her feet whilst bouncing.

As you can see from the photos, Lydia had a whale of the time in the bouncer. She’s had a few goes in it now and really enjoys it. After just a couple of tries in the bouncer she is already getting the hang of things and loves to wiggle her legs about and bounce around.

Amusingly, Lydia is also quite good and spinning herself about, and seems to be facing a different direction every time I look at her.

We have found having the bouncer in the house really useful. We are getting to the stage where Lydia isn’t enjoying being in her bouncy chair much, but also gets frustrated lying down all the time. By having the bouncer to hand we can give her some fun upright time whilst keeping our hands free to deal with Georgie or run around tidying up a bit!

I love that she is getting a chance to improve her leg control & strength without it taking up much space. We had a jumperoo for Georgie and it was much more annoying with how much space it occupied, not to mention being ridiculously expensive. She really just used it to play with the attached toys and the bouncing was a secondary activity, so she didn’t get a lot of physical exercise from it.

Georgie thinks it’s great when her little sister is in her bouncer, and likes to come and “help” Lydie have fun. This can include giving her a cuddle, jiggling Lydia’s feet up and down a bit for her, entertaining her by being silly, or even giving her a little bit of a push so she can have a little swing. I have to admit I was giggling my head off at the two of them having lots of fun together!

I managed to clip her in backwards for some of this video, oops! It shows her first two goes in the bouncer, already she is much more bouncy than these first few goes (and the novelty of swinging her about has worn off for Georgie a little, thankfully!)

At less than £20, this is a fantastic value toy that will last us for months. It is easily stored away when not in use, and is great fun when it’s out. 5 stars!

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