Review: Musical Puff the Magic Dragon

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Born Gifted to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: Musical Puff the Magic Dragon

Price: £21.99

Age Range: Suitable from birth

Manufacturer’s Description: Celebrating 50 years since the original song by Peter, Paul and Mary, this delightful ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ wind-up toy would make a super gift for a child.

This classic folk song features Puff who was the childhood friend of Little Jackie Paper, who grew up and forgot all about his best friend. This nostalgic toy will bring back lots of fond childhood memories for mums and dads who will love to introduce this cute dragon to the next generation!

Just wind the key to hear the classic tune and watch as Puff gently moves his head to the music. A wonderful gift for a new baby or young child.

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Review: We received the Puff the Magic Dragon toy for review from Born Gifted and as you can see, it was love at first cuddle for Georgie!

Puff the Magic Dragon celebrates it’s 50th anniversary this year, and this toy has been released to commemorate the event. It is wonderfully cuddly and incredibly soft. Georgie really likes to cuddle him and sit him up around the house – she is really into soft toys at the moment, and she loves that he can sit up on his own.

Puff the Magic Dragon!

Puff has a white plastic clockwork key which you wind to activate it. He then plays the classic tune in a beautiful plinky plonk manner, whilst his head moves to the music. The song itself isn’t too loud; it’s not so quiet that it’s difficult to hear, whilst not being loud enough to annoy.

The dancing head is quite a fun touch, I’ve never come across a soft toy that moves like this before – just ones that either play a tune or vibrate. You can see & hear him boogie in the video below. The audio has been enhanced a little so it’s a little louder than in ‘real life’.

Georgie has been playing with the toy for a month or so now, and she has given him a cuddle most days. She hasn’t twiddled the key herself yet, but seems to enjoy it when I do it for her, even having a bit of a dance to the music once or twice. The key is easy to turn so I think it’s really just a case of her not trying rather than being incapable of managing it if she did try! He has been thrown around, stood on, laid on and climbed over (sorry Puff, when toys get tested in this house, they really get tested!), and the music and movement is still working perfectly.

My only real criticism of this toy is that the head moves a little too slowly for comfort which can make it seem a bit more creepy than cute! The most important thing is that Georgie loves him though.

Also, due to the mechanics inside it is surface wash only which means it can be a bit impractical, especially if you have a child who is prone to sicking up etc. Four out of five stars for an otherwise lovely toy! At this price point I would buy one for a gift, but probably not as an impulse buy for Georgie.