Review: Peppa Pig Tickle and Giggle Peppa

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: Peppa Pig Tickle and Giggle Peppa

Price: £14.99

Age Range: 3+

Manufacturer’s Description: This cute & cuddly Peppa Pig responds magically to your touch. She giggles when you tickle her and if you tickle her more she giggles even more.

Rating:  (4/5 stars)

Peppa Pig

Review: We were sent this Peppa Pig toy to review just before I got ill, and the girls have been absolutely loving it since it arrived. Lydia has claimed it as hers and often demands that it be her toy to take out with her when we go out.

When her belly is tickled, Peppa Pig giggles and says various phrases about loving tickles and so on. Lydia and Georgie both think this is absolutely hilarious and love to tickle her. Lydia is a massive soft toy fan so a Peppa Pig toy that she can cuddle and tickle is mega exciting for her.

This Peppa toy is a faithful representation of the on screen character; the shape & colours are all right, and her voice matches the TV show. She is instantly recognisable as Peppa Pig – and this is not always the case with character toys! Peppa is very huggable, too. I’m not sure why it is rated as 3+ because Lydia (almost 2) has been playing with it more than Georgie (3 1/2 years) – presumably it’s a safety issue for some reason. The battery compartment is hidden behind velcro in Peppa’s back, with a screw securing the cover into place.

My only criticism of this noisy Peppa toy is that it’s not always super easy to trigger the sound effects; you have to tickle the right spot and Lydia doesn’t always manage to get it right. Perversely, I often find myself triggering it without meaning too so it does seem sensitive enough… maybe the sensor is just not positioned exactly right?

Lydia watching Peppa Pig, with her Peppa Pig blanket and her Peppa Pig toy.

The price seems fair enough for a “character toy” which as we all know carry a slightly higher price to pay for the licensing, and when you take into account that it’s also a talking toy then £14.99 feels reasonable. We would probably be happy to buy one of these Peppa toys as a big treat or birthday/Christmas present.

As this video shows there is a good variety of phrases and sound effects that Peppa makes. She does get slightly annoying after a while as these sorts of toys often do, though she doesn’t really bother me – James complains! The more you tickle her the longer she giggles, and the exhausted panting after she’s been tickled is quite funny and exactly what Georgie does when she’s been tickled so much she’s breathless.





Peppa Pig Tickle & Giggle Peppa has been a big hit with our girls; we give her 4 stars and I expect she will continue to be a firm favourite for a long time to come.

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  1. Eva used to have a toy like this, but she was never into Peppa at all. Sadly it broke so we threw it away, and now we have Bella who is a HUGE fan! Might have to look it up again! x x

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