Review: Wickey Sandpit Flip – 110x125cm

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge by Wickey for the purpose of this review. However, as per my disclaimer, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Product: Wickey Sandpit Flip – 110x125cm

Price: Full price £74.95, currently £56.95

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: With the new sand pit “Flip”, there is finally a strong sand box where the bench is made out of thick wooden boards. In no time, the sand pit Flip transforms itself in a cozy sandpit where the kids can dig and bake delicious mud cakes. The supplied hinged lid protects the sand not only from the weather but can also easily be converted into a seat. As the Flip sand pit is composed of green KDI impregnated treated wood, additional coats of paint are not necessary. The sand pit can therefore, to the joy of the kids, be opened immediately to play.

Rating: (3/5 stars)

Wickey Sandpit Review

Review: This sand pit was sent to us to try out, and despite the inclement weather the girls are excited by the new addition to the garden. It is a decent size for our two little girls to share, and you can handily close it up with buckets & spades left inside safe for next time.

What we got
What we got

The sandpit is a build it yourself type job; it comes with rather complex instructions that have some rather precise measurements you need to follow, and then a pile of treat pre-cut wood, basically. The wooden planks aren’t pre-drilled, however, so if you need to put one of these together you are going to need a drill handy. We also found it a lot easier with our electric screwdriver. You also need plenty of space, a helping hand, a pencil, and measuring tape – and a few hours to put it all together! 

James found the instructions a bit too confusing, so I directed while he helped out, and it took a few hours (and a few swear words) before it was completed. All the screws and so on are included, and we were also sent a sheet of sand foil to line the sand pit, and some corner protectors too. Once the main square frame was completed I was able to put the rest of it together on my own, on the whole.

Once put together, the sand pit is really clever, with the lid opening and folding ingeniously to turn into two bench seats either end of the sand pit. The kids love this, and Georgie can open and close it on her own.

Enjoying their new sand pit!
Enjoying their new sand pit!

Sand castle - Wickey Sand Pit Review

We haven’t been able to get much play time in as unfortunately although Wickey state on their site that the hinged lid protects the sand from the weather, the large gaps between the planks mean that the sand gets pretty soaked when it rains. 

Hopefully in the summer when we just have light rain showers it won’t be a problem – and if it is I will look into using a second piece of waterproof material to protect the sand underneath the lid. We paid a fair bit of money to buy enough sand to fill it, so hopefully the sand won’t need to be replaced once the weather dries up, and will just dry out.

Wet Sand Pit - Wickey Sand Pit review

A very wet sand pit - with added leaves!
A very wet sand pit – with added leaves!

The wood itself is protected from the elements already, as it is pre-treated – no need to paint or varnish, and as soon as it is put together it can be put into action.

I think that the girls will get a lot of fun out of this next year as soon as it is sand pit weather again, and it really is a neat design to have the lid transform into the seats, as well as being a great size sand pit. Unfortunately the build difficulty and ineffectiveness of the lid detract a fair bit from how great it is – so just 3 stars for this one.