Saying farewell to the Big Sleuth bears

At the weekend we headed into town to say goodbye to The Big Sleuth bears, at their special farewell event. On Thursday they’ll be going under the hammer to raise money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital charity (and the online bidding has started already!), and proceeds from the farewell weekend also go to the charity.

Lydia has been under the care of the Eye Department at BCH since she was tiny – I first posted about it on the blog way back in 2015 and we have being going in every few months or so since for her squint (and now lazy eye too) to be monitored and so on. Lydia is currently patching for an hour a day and in a few weeks we will be sitting down to discuss the surgery which she is going to be referred for soon. Because of the fantastic staff Lydia loves her visits to the hospital, and it is obviously a cause close to our hearts as a family.

Big Sleuth bears
Lots of Bears at the Big Sleuth farewell weekend
The Bees Knees
Lydia and The Bees Knees bear
Lydia and Solar Polar
Lydia and Solar Polar
Lydia looking at her reflection in Snowy
Bee Kind
Bee Kind

We wanted to support BCH by buying tickets to go along to the event, and we also bought the girls pop badges and a Big Sleuth teddy bear for Lydia from the merchandise stall, as well as a fridge magnet for me. James was eyeing up the *Bearmingham” prints so we decided to grab one of those for the new empty spot on our living room wall, where my pin board used to be.

Georgie took along her camera and took some lovely photos of some of the bears too – she hasn’t had it long and is totally loving it, but is quite slow at framing, focusing and taking her photos. Thankfully there were a lot of patient and indulgent members of the public at Eastside City Park on Sunday and people were mostly waiting for her to take a photo before moving in front of our little girl and her camera!

Spock bear
Lydia & I with Spock – taken by Georgie
Georgie with her camera
Georgie taking a photograph
Tigerlily – I loved this one!
Bears Angels bear
Bears Angels!
Crunchie Big Sleuth bear with our family
A family selfie with the Cadburys Crunchie bear – shame Lydia is too busy looking at her teddy bear!

After we looked at all the bears the girls enjoyed some free Big Sleuth crafting and had a play in the Thinktank science garden, which is open to the public free of charge after 3pm, before heading home.

The Big Sleuth crafts
The Big Sleuth crafts
Lydia at the Thinktank Science Garden
Lydia at the Thinktank Science Garden

Did you manage to get out and do any bear hunting this summer? We did see some out & about but were so busy (and poor!) with trips and DIY going on that we didn’t get to do as much hunting as we’d have liked to.