Treat Yourself: Intelex Cosy Microwavable Soft Toys

With the cold snap well and truly underway there is nothing worse than facing a freezing cold bed at bedtime when you just want to curl up & sleep. Sliding under ice cold sheets is one sure way to wake you up and ruin your chilled out the-kids-are-tucked-up-in-bed state of relaxation! I don’t know where I got it, but I’ve had a Intelex Microwaveable Sheep* for… Continue Reading “Treat Yourself: Intelex Cosy Microwavable Soft Toys”

Treat Yourself: Galavant Jewellery

My latest favourite that I want to share with the world in my Treat Yourself feature is the gorgeous jewellery from the Galavant etsy shop. I’ve bought a few of their pieces as gifts before, and have always been slightly envious of the people receiving the pressies in question! I think they are really well priced – so many things on etsy seem to be ridiculously expensive, but… Continue Reading “Treat Yourself: Galavant Jewellery”

Funkadelic Gift Set

Treat Yourself: Bomb Cosmetics

Everyone needs a treat now and again, and here in the Mama Geek household I definitely love to treat myself… or let James treat me! A couple of times a month, I plan to highlight a different brand or product for my lovely readers to enjoy. Bomb Cosmetics are handmade natural bathtime treats that give Lush products a run for their money – I actually… Continue Reading “Treat Yourself: Bomb Cosmetics”