To the Woman on the Bus


To the Woman on the Bus,

Since when did “first come first served” come before common decency?

As I joined you in the bus stop to await the bus, I smiled at you and noticed your empty pushchair, and the two young children waiting with you and your friend? your sister? I’m not sure. Another full-grown woman, at least, happily gossiping with you as your boys played. I’d guess they were around Georgie’s age, three or four.

The bus approached and I hoped there would be space for both of us. Lydia, just turned two, was in her pushchair and as she insisted on wearing Peppa Pig slippers for this outing, I didn’t really want to get her out.

Space for one pushchair on the bus. Oh dear. The adult with you and the boys jump on the bus and race to the backseat. The bus driver asks you to fold your buggy but you march on by, park it up, and walk on to the end of the bus.

I pause in the entrance to the bus, ask “is there space for us?” and the bus driver opens his door to peer back, and asks you if there is a child in your pushchair. 

You ignore him. 

I smile at the bus driver, tell him “no”, but not to worry, and pay my fare. We get on the bus, I empty out the basket, pop Georgie on a seat, unbuckle and lift out Lydia, and sit down holding her while I fold the pushchair. 

Thank heaven for the one-handed fold. 

All the time you keep up a running commentary from the back of the bus, just loud enough for me to hear, but not quite reaching the bus driver – but definitely within earshot of the four young children. “I don’t see why I should fold my buggy. It’s FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. We were here first. We got on first. F*ck’s sake. Stupid f*cking woman. F*cking bus driver.”

Since when did smiling politely and not complaining, just getting on with it so I can get my tired kids home, make me stupid?

I was a single woman on the bus with an obviously tired out pre-schooler and a toddler in a buggy (with her slippers on!). You had two boys who obviously didn’t need their hands holding getting on the bus, or help sitting down, and another adult to help supervise. You didn’t know how far I would be travelling with a two year old balancing on my knee, bags by my feet, and one hand balancing a hastily folded pushchair against my knee.

It’s not like I got on the bus a stop after you. We both got on at the same time.

I can’t help but feel like there is something wrong with this story. It would have been so easy for the other adult with you to watch your boys while you folded your buggy, but nope, you just shot glares at me and my children, and at the bus driver, while swearing your pretty little head off.

I’m probably being over sensitive today (I’m tired, and the kids & I are all still a bit poorly) but this is exactly why I hate taking the bus sometimes. I always try to be polite and helpful to other travellers, but there is so often some rude idiot who thinks they should get to do whatever they want and ignore how hard it makes life for everyone else.

I could have kicked up a fuss, but it would have just made my day worse, and the girls’ bus ride unpleasant. Not to mention it would have been a pain in the bum for the bus driver who really shouldn’t need to get out of his seat to tell off a grown woman for behaving like a small child.

When I got off the bus, the driver thanked me, rolled his eyes, and gave me a grateful smile. At least I made his day a little better, and hopefully it will reassure him that not every passenger is a selfish child at heart.

Until next time – have a great day!

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27 thoughts on “To the Woman on the Bus

  1. Oh, some people are hideous Zoe. I’m always so paranoid about getting the bus and have folded mine a few times, on one occasion I had to wake LM to do so. If my pushchair was empty I’d probably fold it down anyway! What kind of example is that setting to the children she was travelling with?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I was appalled at her language and behaviour in front of all the kids – Georgie told her Daddy later on that day that the woman on the bus was “not good”


    I’m the sort of person that would have folded the other person’s buggy for them just to prove a point. It’s why I don’t go on public transport any more ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Haha! I am quite shy and non-confrontational so I wussed out – but felt better for it. Making a fuss would have just caused grief for everyone involved, it just wasn’t worth it – I’m sure she wouldn’t have learned anything. Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. What.A.Cow! (Her – obviously)! People like that are why I can’t use public transport. I’d never be able to keep quiet like you did. well done to you x

    1. It seemed so childish! I can’t believe she was setting that example to her kids, with the “we were here first”

    1. Thank you for this lovely comment! She really wound me up, it was just so unnecessary! Pointlessly childish behaviour. xx

  4. Not nice. My puschair is a travel system so it doesn’t fold down easily but has to be dis assembled, I avoid busses at all cost. It’s sounds like u did very well in the situation, staying calm & ignoring the woman was prob the best decission. I hope it doesn’t happen again xx

    1. Thanks Alys. It was a really difficult situation, especially when I was dealing with a very tired Georgie, who was still shaking off a nasty bug. I don’t usually have problems on the bus with the pushchair but this was just so annoying!

  5. I have had this more than once travelling with my 3 it is so frustrating, but well done for not biting x

    1. It was really frustrating – why does a grown woman feel the need to behave like a spoilt child? She was setting such a bad example for her kids. Georgie said afterwards that she was “not good!”

    1. Thanks Colette – it was all a bit ridiculous really, she was so childish ignoring the bus driver and then having a rant up on the back seat of the bus, while I struggled down the front! I felt a bit like I was in school again being mocked by the popular kids for being a nerdy klutz!

    1. It was just so infuriating – she was behaving so badly! Just so childish – she would never have learned anything from it if I’d put my foot down, it was easier to just “rise above!” Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    1. She was ridiculous, behaving like a small child, and with her kids in tow – what an awful example she set. Karma will probably bite her in the bum when those boys go to school and get sent home with letters complaining of their bad behaviour and swearing in school, if her behaviour as a parent is anything to go by!

  6. She sounds like an absolute delight! On the plus side, you were the better person and have set a much better example than she did to her children.

    Oh, and what’s wrong with Peppa Pig slippers for a day out ๐Ÿ˜‰ x x x

    1. I like to think I was the better person – and not just the person who wanted to get home with least fuss! I was horrified by the way she was ranting in front of her kids.

      Hehehe the Peppa Pig slippers did go exceedingly well with her Peppa Pig coat! Not to mention the Peppa Pig t-shirt underneath. She may as well wear them sometime anyway, as she insists on going bare-footed at all times indoors!

  7. How very insensitive of that woman. It just goes to show how no-one really knows what’s going on in someone’s life or how tired they might be etc. Therefore it’s no harm in being nice or considerate to strangers … you might make their day. This post will make me think in future! I think you handled it great though so well done.

  8. Some people have no manners and it makes me feel sorry for the future of the human race – what example is she setting her kids?! Absolutely disgusting x

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