2016 in 12 minutes

I have absolutely loved taking part in Sian’s Month in a Minute linky over the past year and a half, where I create a minute long video snapshot of our life each month. It reminds me to pick up my camera and snap not just photos but little videos of the children as we go about our every day life, as well as anything else that catches my eye.

Now that I have done a complete year from January to December, I thought it would be great to string the 12 months together to put together a video of the entire year. This is the result… 2016 in 12 minutes:

I love this video. It shows how the girls have grown and developed over the year, and reminds me that although 2016 has felt like a really difficult and unhappy year for me, we did have a lot of good times during the year. By watching this it lets me see the positives in the past 12 months instead of just dwelling on the negatives.

Month in a Minute is really easy and fun to do each month – I highly recommend this linky!