Planner Series: Part One – Free Printables

I’m trying out Digital Planning for the first time this year, having found that I left my physical planner by the wayside after getting my iPad Pro last year (and not having space to carry around both). I’ve been looking into the idea for the past few weeks and have found a dedicated digital planning community over on Facebook, and multiple websites sharing digital stickers and other tools for on screen planners.

Here is this week in my planner for Jan. GoodNotes lets you add bookmarks to quickly find sections in your planner, and you can import PDFs into the template library or straight into a notebook.

I’ve decided to use GoodNotes on my iPad Pro, which is already one of my favourite apps for note taking and getting my ideas down on “paper”. I started by using grid paper and a bullet journal approach, but decided that I would be better suited by having some templates for weekly and monthly planning instead – so I made some in the style I was looking for.

Included in this download are:

  • Weekly planners for each month of the year (just add the date numbers each week)
  • Monthly planners for each month of the year
  • Sunday start versions of both of the above.
  • Completely undated versions of the weekly & monthly planners
  • Todo & lists pages with check lists
  • Blank page at the same resolution which I find useful for making sure pen thickness etc is the same
  • Grid paper at the same resolution
  • Blank doodles & notes pages

Coming soon in this series:

  • Blogger planner pages
  • Digital “stickers” sets including different snippets of text in the script font used in the pages (Spelling Night)
Digital Planner – Print Resolution

Some (fairly) minamalistic planner pages. Part one in a new series.

These can be printed – A4 landscape.

Digital Planner – Lower Res (Goodnotes)

A lower resolution copy of the planner files, for faster loading on Goodnotes.

Can be used digitally in GoodNotes or OneNote. PDF files at an 9.7″ iPad friendly resolution.

Let me know if you have any requests for particular pages in the comments, and I’d love to see what you do with your planner pages if you use these!

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  1. Thank you so much for these templates! I’m new to digital planning and this made it SO EASY to start! Happy New Year!!!

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