A day out a Twycross Zoo

Disclosure: We were invited along to Twycross Zoo free of charge for the purpose of this post.

During the Easter holidays we enjoyed a day out at Twycross Zoo, which is home to almost 150 species.

Neither James or I have visited Twycross since we were children, so this was our first visit as a family. Despite the drizzly weather and all four of us fighting off colds we had a lovely morning exploring the large zoo.

Our first stop when we entered the zoo was the Gibbon Forest and the girls spent a while watching one of the babies play and interact with its parents.

Next up we headed to the Wet & Wild for the Penguin Parade; feeding time for the Humboldt Penguins involves them taking a walk across the footpath to their feeding area, via a special Penguin crossing. We have in our house a very big fan of penguins so Georgie found this really fantastic. We all enjoyed the spectacle and learnt a bit more about the fascinating species.

We carried on exploring the zoo and saw lots of beautiful & interesting creatures. Some of our favourites included the giraffes, the meerkats, and the lemurs.

Visiting as many types of animals as possible does seem to include a fair bit of zigzagging back and forth, and going back on yourself – the layout isn’t the greatest and the signage could be improved. Overall the enclosures seemed fairly well maintained, although some of the older ones seemed a little small.

One of the highlights of the visit for the children was our time spent inside the Rainbow Lorikeet habitat. James lifted them both up to feed the colourful birds, and we all loved watching them fly around, so bright & cheerful looking.

Before heading home we had lunch in the lovely View restaurant area. We bought our food from the Vine café, which was only a touch on the pricey side – the normal price I’d expect to pay at this kind of attraction. It’s worth noting it was definitely one of the cheaper options to eat in the whole zoo… James and I both had the quite yummy soup of the day as it was on the lower end of the pricing, while the kids enjoyed the children’s meal deal (priced at £4.95 each)… which to their great delight included mini eggs as a seasonal option. There are picnic spaces, both indoor & outdoor, available within the zoo for those who prefer to bring a picnic lunch on days out.

The absolute best part of lunch, however, has to have been (as the name of the building suggests) the view into the Snow Leopard enclosure. In fact, one of the beautiful big cats got up close and pawed at the glass near our table… then a few minutes later sauntered casually past with their lunch as we began to eat ours!

The girls were disappointed to see that the outdoor play area was closed (presumably because of the weather), and as the soft play in the View costs a fair bit extra they didn’t get to run around in there, either. While annual passholders get a discount on the soft play cost, normal ticket holders for the zoo do not – while this seems a tad unfair I can understand that it is an extra incentive for locals to support the zoo and buy passes. While the outdoor area is closed maybe it would be a nice gesture for the zoo to extend the discount to ticket holders, just for the affected period.

Other than that our only bugbear about our day out was the unfortunate state of some of the footpaths around the zoo, which were very muddy and completely flooded & unusable in some areas. While it can be at least partly blamed on the poor weather over the recent months, it didn’t look like there was much being done to help tackle the issue. Some areas directly outside enclosures were so muddy it was difficult to see the animals at all.

One bonus, for Lydia at least, was getting to meet Gecko, Catboy & Owlette from PJ Masks, who were “visiting” that day too! Twycross was also patronised by various members of the Paw Patrol during the Easter Break – I’m sure their presence was appreciated by lots of little people! Georgie is still not a fan of people in costumed so she opted to stay with Daddy where it was “safe”.

They also had special eggs with facts on dotted around the zoo, which corresponded to questions in a quiz booklet the girls were given on entry – Georgie and Lydia both had fun spotting these and learning more about the different animals.

Overall we had a lonely day at Twycross Zoo and although the weather kept a lot of the animals indoors we still look pleasure in seeing them play & relax inside their various cozy homes! Hopefully we’ll visit again some time in warmer weather so the kids can try out the rather fun looking wet & wild play area, and the animals will be out enjoying some sunshine. I do think it is a touch on the pricey side for a day out, but they do offer prices now & again so keep an eye out for those on their social media pages!