Review: Cobra Paw

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Product: Cobra Paw

Price: £14.99

Age Range: 6 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Ninja-like reflexes, sharp recognition skills, and mental fortitude steals the game in the tile-snatching challenge known as Cobra Paw! Players take turns rolling the dice (featuring 6 unique symbols), spotting the tile with the matching pattern, then grabbing it before their opponents. The first player to snatch up 6 tiles wins the game and bestows great honour to the Grand Shidoshi, Master Meow!

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: Cobra Paw is the latest game sent to us as members of the Blogger Board Game club, and it is great fun for both adults and children, testing your quick thinking and reflexes.

Inside the box you get two ‘Catnippon Dice’ and 21 ‘Clawfuku Stones’, as well as a little instruction leaflet.

The dice and stones have colourful symbols that are them similar to the ones found on Mahjong tiles. The stones are of a similar size and shape to dominos, but with a dip in the middle for your finger, and each stone has two symbols on. No two stones are the same, and there is a stone for every combination of the symbols.

The instructions are full of humour, with lots of feline and ninja jokes combining together as they explain how to play the game, three different variations, and the code of conduct. Competitors who play ‘dishonourably’ (i.e. break the rules) may be cast into the Litter Box of Shame! This ‘ethos’ surrounding the game, including the Japanese style colourful symbols, definitely adds to the fun of the gameplay. There’s even a little history of how the game came to be created by Clawfuku ninja ‘Master Meow’.

The concept of Cobra Paw is really simple, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. The speed at which you have to play makes it challenging and really entertaining to play.

All of the tiles begin fade up in the middle of the table, and the ‘player with the smallest paws’ begins by rolling the dice. Then, everyone has to look at the tiles and spot the one that matches the combination of symbols on the dice. The first person to spot it has to ‘snatch’ it with just one finger of one ‘paw’ – and then place it face up in front of them (within reach and view of the other players). That person then rolls the dice and the game continues until someone gets 6 stones and wins the game (or 8 stones in a two player game).


What makes the game extra fun to play is that you can snatch Clawfuku Stones from other players, so while you can be winning one moment a minute later you could be losing instead. The adults playing – James, myself and my Mum – found this hilarious, while Georgie had mixed feelings and Lydia was just annoyed! We were laughing all the way through our game, and it was enjoyable enough to play again immediately – and we were all so into it that I didn’t want to risk missing the opportunity to snatch a stone and completely forgot to take a photo mid-play, oops!

Even though both Lydia (just 5) and Georgie (almost 7) understood how to play the game Georgie found it a fair bit easier than Lydia – party due to her longer arms and partly due to being a little more emotionally mature about the whole ‘snatching from other players – and them snatching from yourself’ side of things. This makes me think the age rating of 6+ is bang on.

Cobra Paw is a great family game, and I can see us getting this out for groups of both adults and children too – and James might even take it into work sometime for their games night. We give this game 5 stars.

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  1. Not had this game but we do enjoy our monthly selection of games from Blogger board game club. Our most recent is Exploding kittens.

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