Jelly Invaders have arrived at Sea Life Bham

Disclosure: As Sea Life ambassadors we have annual passes free of charge for the purpose of blogging about our visits.

Sea Life Birmingham have a new attraction this spring, and it is ethereally beautiful – the jellyfish have a brand new (bigger and better!) area inside the centre, after the old jellyfish area was replaced by the piranha tank we blogged about recently.

The new Jelly Invaders attraction can be found at the top of the lifts before you head down to the ocean tunnel, replacing the old rainforest themed area that only had a few inhabited tanks left.

There are five different jellyfish species now on display, from across the world, and they are glow brilliantly in the UV lighting. I find them totally fascinating; how they move around in the water is hypnotising. Their peaceful appearance is totally at odds with their toxic stings.

As part of the Jelly Invaders area, Sea Life have added an interactive screen where visitors can draw their own jellyfish onto an animated sea. Lydia enjoyed this although unfortunately someone had come along and covered up most of the screen with big scribbles – they did start to disappear after a short period of time so hopefully it won’t get messed up too much by rascals!

As always, the girls spent a fair bit of time watching their favourite sea creatures as we walked through the centre. Georgie decided to take her giant soft toy penguin “Waddles” to ‘meet’ the Gentoo penguins that live at the centre and it was hilarious watching the penguins come over to the window to take a look at their fluffy visitor.

It was nice to see the new Piranha tank again, and the sparkly fish looked like they had settled into their tank nicely. They were swimming around a bit more than last time we visited, rather than being a bit bunched up in one corner of the tank.

We have really been enjoying our time as Sea Life ambassador bloggers, and only have a few months left on our passes for this year. We’ll defintely be headed back soon – Georgie’s 7th birthday is coming up in a few weeks so I might take the girls into town later that week when the school is closed for the election as a birthday treat.

Sea Life Ambassador