Big Bandage 2018 – I’ve got pink hair!

If you’ve been following my Instagram this week you may have seen my hair transformation as it happened. I now have bright pink hair thanks to the lovely Claire at Cisoria, a Kings Norton based salon, who donated her time (and LOTS of it – it took over 3 hours!) as well as the materials, in order to support the campaign.

Claire transforming my hair at Cisoria

I want to talk a little bit about why I am just a big supporter of Birmingham Children’s Hospital. As well as all the amazing things they do to save lives and make a huge difference in the health and wellbeing of so many kids, I am personally thankful to them for their treatment of our little monster Lydia.

Lydia's eye patch

When her eyesight in her “wonky eye” as we call it started to fail, they were right on top of it with extra appointments, and started her on a patching regime to get it working properly again before things got worse. If left untreated, Lydia would have eventually most likely have had permanent damage to her eyesight (“amblyopia”) in her left eye, causing her brain to stop processing signals from that eye – making her effectively blind in one eye.

We have been to the hospital a fair few times, and all of the staff we’ve ever interacted with in any way have always been helpful, friendly, and cheerful. When you consider the cases they have to deal with at the hospital it is amazing how it seems filled with smiling staff every time we visit – I don’t know how they do it.

Hugging the BCH Owl

Well – that’s enough of the chit chat… here’s the hair! I’ve had the same hair pretty much for half my life and I have never done anything this drastic to it before – it was pretty scary…



What do you reckon? The pink will fade but I’ll be going back to get it topped up when it does. I’m committed now 😂

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  1. Oh you are awesome – what a huge change to make! It looks awesome. I can’t believe how well she removed the black from your hair beforehand, it’s worked so well. You look great – well done Zoe x

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