Tsum Tsum Mini Bunting – Free Printable!

Lydia had her 5th birthday party at the weekend and it was Disney Tsum Tsum themed, as requested. We had Tsum Tsum tablewear, Tsum Tsum party bags, and she even had a Tsum Tsum dress and handmade hair bows. She was absolutely delighted with it all!

Tsum Tsum Bunting Free Printable

I made her some Tsum Tsum themed mini bunting to go on the wall and she loved it! I thought I would share it as a printable too, so here it is. Each ‘flag’ is quite small so it makes quite a cute display.


Tsum Tsum Mini Bunting

This download is a set of zipped PDF files of mini Tsum Tsum themed bunting in a variety of colours, on a polka dot background. Includes letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, and various Tsum Tsum characters.

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